Wednesday, November 05, 2008

boulangerie burdigala

Yesterday was my 3rd French class. The class is always packed with lots of information, but at least we learned an important phrase "where is the toilet?"

The lesson was also on shopping and food...good topics to know about.

After class I went to have lunch at Herbis Plaza at a little cafe called Boulangerie Burdigala.

They have several cafes and restaurants around Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and are known for good hard type breads.

I had the quiche lunch (800 yen about US$8)...I chose the autumn quiche which was filled with gobo (burdock root) and pork...delicious. It also came with a salad and a little dessert.

The dessert: a caramelized rusk which stuck to my teeth and a really interesting cookie. This cookie had pine nuts and rosemary in it but it was sweet...delicious with a huge, frothy cappuccino.

Boulangerie Burdigala
Herbis Plaza B2
Phone: 06.6343.7130
Open 10:00-22:00
Closed whenever Herbis Plaza is


Rowena said...

Okay now I gotta ask... How do you say 'where is the toilet?' Curious minds want to know... ;-)

K and S said...

he he Rowena..."Ou sont les toilettes?" (oo son le twalet)

Take care.

biancorosso said...

Hi Kat! :)

I'm glad to hear you're making progress in your French class!

You know, I've been to the Boulangerie Bourdigala in Azabu (Tokyo). I had never heard of this chain of bakeries before, but I was attracted by their wonderful variety of pastries and breads. Many of the breads they have remind me of those we have in Italy, so I was obviously curious to sample some of their goodies.

And that's also where I thought about you because they have *delicious* macarons! Of course, I picked up a few (hazelnut, passiflore, apricot) and, as expected, they were incredible! I had never had a macaron before, but after reading about them on your blog I became quite curious! And now I can see why you like them so much!

Kat, I know I always say this's a pleasure to read your blog! Keep up the good work!


Phoebe said...

what is rusk and burdock root?? The meal looks really authentic, is it french?

Jenster said...

How funny! I've always had a "baby bladder" so the first phrase I usually learn in any language is "Where is the bathroom?" It really comes in handy.

Lori said...

Glad you're having fun in French class. I love learning new languages...or at least phrases in different languages. :)

K and S said...

Hi Mari,
I saw them at Burdigala the time I went in previously to this lunch, I guess I will have to try them :)

Rusk is a toast and burdock is a root, Phoebe. Have you tried kinpira? it uses burdock root. I guess this lunch was French.

Very important phrase in any language Jenster :)

Thanks Lori, I hope I can learn a couple more phrases :)

Take care everyone.

Phoebe said...

kinpira?? I have not tried it. day! haha you have a good time learning french again, Kat!

K and S said...

sorry I can't tell you what burdock is like then, Phoebe. Hope you get to try it one day.

Take care.

Chocolatesa said...

Actually it's pronounced "oo son lay twalet" as the "les" is plurial.

K and S said...

Thanks Chocolatesa, my teacher said that we should ask for it in plural because it is less embarrassing to ask for "a toilet", that is why I put "les".

Take care.

beadexplorer said...

Great that you learn French. Learning a language is so much fun. I had French in school. I can read a little bit French and understand but I could never speak on my own. It's sad. I am wishing you a lot of fun with fran├žais. ;)

K and S said...

Thanks Beadexplorer, my husband wants me to learn German next :)

Take care.

Rona Y said...

The next time you go to Burdigala, you must try their croque monsieur if you haven't already. It's quite rich (all that cheese and bechamel), but very good! Their restaurant around the corner has very good food, as well.

K and S said...

I've eaten at Burdigala's restaurant (pre-blog), Rona, it is good, will try their croque monsieur the next time I'm looking for lunch in that area :) Thanks for the heads up.

Take care.