Sunday, November 09, 2008


Last week, I went to SOL to see if the owner had keema curry (500 yen about US$5)...I was lucky, he did.

The curry is REALLY on the picture and you'll notice some green peppers in there, they aren't bell peppers, they are like jalapeno or something to that about perspiring and coughing while eating!

It was an addicting kind of spicy though....went really well with the naan too.

Next time, I want to try his tandoori chicken.

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OkiHwn said...

Need some rice!

Anonymous said...

That sounds really tasty...and spicy! I wonder if I could handle it?

K and S said...

Okay, rice for you Nate :)

If you don't mind a little perspiring, your mouth feeling warm afterwards, and coughing every so often between bites, Lori, I think you can handle it :)

Take care you two.

Deb in Hawaii said...

I think I would be too wimpy for that curry but count me in for the tandori chicken!

Arief Adi NUgroho said...

like delicious..

Anonymous said...

I'm such a spice addict that I'd probably be loving every sputter and heat-induced cough. Curious about the tandoori chicken...the other day I tried a tandoori chicken and cashew pizza while on one of my food forages! It was pretty good.

Kathy YL Chan said...

Ahhh, it's already midnight and now you make me crave indian food! I think there might be a 24 hour indian delivery around the city somewhere...heheheh

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat :) that curry looks mighty delish, curious what is in it. So nice and dark and karai ..mmmm..

just back from lunch at yamagen, they just raised their prices :(

thanks for the yummy post !

K and S said...

Hope I'll be able to try that soon, Deb :)

Thanks Untukcalonistriku!

Ooh cashew pizza sounds so good, Rowena!

Wow 24 hour delivery, only in the States, Kathy :)

I think there were some meat, maybe ground chicken? Lots of spice and lots of peppers, Shar :)

Take care everyone.