Sunday, November 23, 2008

the good and the disappointing

Let's talk about the disappointing first. If you have been reading this blog, you would know that I had been wanting to try a new cafe in Breeze Breeze for some time now, but every time I had gone, there was a massive line. So, when I went last week after French class, I was surprised to find the place practically empty at lunch time. Lucky? eerily maybe...

I ordered the Bougnat Bougnat (bu-nya bu-nya, that is the name of the cafe) lunch plate 850 yen (about US$8.50), and for 100 yen more (about US$1) you can add a cappuccino. So that is what I did. The lunch plate comes with your choice of quiche + 2 appetizers and a salad. I chose the smoked salmon quiche (sorry, I can't remember what the other choices of quiche were).

My image of quiche is custardy, not runny, with a flaky crust--what I got was a dry, hard and super thick quiche with a really sweet white sauce on top. It sort of reminded me of hard toasted bread, with lots of spinach and some salmon in it. The soup was pumpkin (this may have been the best part of the lunch). The cappuccino was so bitter, not sure what was wrong with it, but I have never had a cappuccino this bitter.

Anyway, this may be an indication of why there was no line at lunch time...debating whether to give this place another chance and try a different lunch plate (maybe their sandwich or pasta plate)...what do you think?

Let's move on to the good...the Purple Fig "satongo" chocolate spread I got from Belberry is good. I googled and found that "satongo" is a type of dark chocolate from Africa. I've put it onto baguette and I've also put it on the ficelle apertif from Moisan which is similar to a baguette...yum.

The chocolate pearls I bought from Boissier last month didn't have any instructions on how to eat them, so I melted about a fourth cup in some warmed milk then frothed it up with a whisk...the chocolate has a little acidity but it is still delicious as a drinking chocolate.

On Wednesday, I went to Moisan to pick up a ficelle apertif and I also bought this pizza with olives...the pizza re-heated in the toaster was delicious.

We're having a 3-day weekend here, hope you are keeping warm where you are.


Lynne said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the MARIE ANTOINETTE AWARD! Congratulations and go check out my blog! Enjoy reading your blog!

Tamakikat said...

Pizza, hot chocolate, chocolate spread, delicious bread. All sound delicious:)

As to Bougnat Bougnat I'd say give them a month and let the Osakan public make your decision for you-at that time if at least half their tables aren't filled with happy jabbering people you can give them the flick.


Kathy YL Chan said...

Mmm, figs & chocolate make for the best combination! I liked to slather nutella on hot toasted bread, the layer on fresh sliced tasty! ^_^

Phoebe said...

Hey Kat! Really unfortunate that the lunch was poorly made, I know what you mean by eating hard toast! Plus, judging from the look of the salad, I take it that it didn't go too well in the mouth.

I think that you should try the pasta, (not sandwich) and not if the lines are too big.

ninja said...

I say no to the second chance. After all it's your stomach your risking with.

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - That's too bad about lunch - it really doesn't sounds too promising. I'm sure you'll have a great long weekend!

Deb in Hawaii said...

That's disappointing after all your thinking about lunch there--maybe a second try just to see. I've had some pretty bad quiche before. I love making hot chocolate from the little chocolate beads and the spread sound delicious!

K and S said...

Wow, thank you so much Lynne :)

I think you are right, Tamakikat, will try that :)

Ooh, now I gotta try this next year with the fresh figs, Kathy :)

Thanks Phoebe and Koala!

Thanks Kirkk and Deb :)

Take care everyone!

tofugirl said...

So Kat, I went to the Chocolate Show in New York a few weekends ago and the first booth I saw was Boissier...which I remembered reading about in your blog ages ago and so of course I had to try it. The chocolate petals are so good! They didn't have any of the little pearls, but I think the petals are my new addiction :D

K and S said...

Thanks Tofugirl, I wanted to try the petals but the price was kind of high so I settled for the pearls, which were high but not as high as the petals. I'll definitely try the petals the next time I get a chance :) I'm glad you liked Boissier.

Take care.