Friday, November 28, 2008

on a sunny autumn day

Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day.

I went to the post office then walked twenty minutes up to our favorite cafe. They were having a coffee sale and I wanted to see what I could buy.

It was only the 2nd day of the sale and pickings were slim. I wanted to buy their Ethiopian washed coffee but ended up buying some beans from Kenya, I hope it is good (though the coffee from this cafe is usually good). UPDATE: The Kenya is delicious! earthy, smoky and dark roasted...mmm.

From the cafe, as I was making my way home, I saw a yard sale of sorts. They had clothing on several racks and dishes on several tables. These colorful cafe cups and saucers called out to me from a table on the grassy area (I kid you not!).

Not wanting to ignore them, I went to see them up close. I flipped one of the cups over to see where it was made. It was made in Italy. I'm not sure if it is a brandname but I was sold on the colors (greenish blue, light blue and yellow). For 1500 yen (about US$15) for the set of 3, I thought it was a good buy.

On the walk home, I envisioned cappuccino and hot chocolate in on Thursday morning, I made cappuccino/lattes to have with our breakfast.

Then Thursday afternoon I had another cappuccino/latte with a lavender brownie. The cups are not too big, not too small...just right.

Hope you have a great weekend. UPDATE: I think this tableware is Pagossin


Tamakikat said...

Girlfriend, do you have a cappuccino etc maker or are you using a froth stick?


RyoJul said...

They look beautiful and great to drink hot things in. I don't drink much coffee, well I don't drink any at all. Maybe a cup a year. I used to be addicted to coffee and I decided that wasn't good for me so I stopped drinking it.

A lavender brownie sounds interesting. Hmm wonder how it tastes.


K and S said...

no cappuccino maker Tamakikat, I have a battery powered milk frother :)

Thanks RyoJul, if you like chocolate and lavender then the combination is wonderful :)

Take care you two.

Anonymous said...

love those pretty cups :)

Rowena said...

Score on the cups and saucers from Italy, and the reason I say this is because my dad has a large serving bowl with the very same logo! I don't know whose it is...there was a potluck the last time I was here, and no one showed up to claim their bowl. It's the same blue like that light blue color and I'd bring it back with me if it weren't so bulky.

Thanks for T-day wishes!

Anonymous said...

I just love a great yard sale find!

K and S said...

Thanks Shar!

Aw, I thought you would know what "brand" it was Rowena, still it is good to know it is rather popular as your Dad has one :)

Yeah for yard sales, Lori :)

Take care everyone.

NKP said...

Great find on the cups! I never get up early enough for the good stuff, I have to be more diligent next summer!

La Tartine Gourmande said...

Nice cups!!!

K and S said...

Thanks Natashya & Bea :)

Take care you two.

Phoebe said...

Good thing you stopped by the yard sale! What a good buy!

K and S said...

Thanks Phoebe :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

What a great find--they look like the perfect cups. I'd put hot chocolate in them!

K and S said...

Thanks, I've been putting hot chocolate and tea too, Deb :)

Take care.

Unknown said...


Those cups are *beautiful*! They have the perfect shape, size and thickness for serving cappuccino! That was an excellent buy!

As always, I enjoy reading your blog! :)



K and S said...

Thank you Mari :)

Take care.