Monday, November 03, 2008

award and meme

The lovely Deb at Kahakai Kitchen was so nice to give me a Kreativ blogger award. There are options of passing on the award, doing a meme, doing a scenario or all of the above.

Since it is too hard to choose 7 bloggers, I will just do the meme.

7 things I did before:
1. drink only LION coffee
2. drive a car
3. work at the airport and do coffee demos at supermarkets
4. come home to meals cooked by mom
5. go to brunch on sundays
6. eat milk chocolate
7. buy lots of clothes/bags/shoes (things) with every paycheck

7 things I do now:
1. drink more tea and go to Starbucks
2. ride trains or walk
3. work at "home" (housewife)
4. cook my own meals (or buy them pre-made), try making things from scratch
5. blog and photograph everything I eat
6. eat dark chocolate, rarely milk chocolate and never white
7. buy books on food, including cookbooks...I also like to linger in tableware and gadget shops

7 things I want to do:
1. revisit Europe (mainly France)
2. learn more foreign languages (like Chinese, Korean, German & Italian)
3. move to a bigger apartment or house, maybe have a garden/yard
4. cook more recipes from my cookbooks
5. be able to read Japanese more fluently
6. have children
7. lose weight though I would probably have to stop blogging or being a foodie...

7 things that attracted me to Satoshi:
1. smile
2. love to travel
3. interest in living abroad
4. looks good in a suit
5. says funny things and eats whatever I cook no matter how bad it is
6. let's me go home every year
7. thinks I am stubborn (which I am) but is actually more stubborn than me

7 favorite foods:
1. dark chocolate
2. earl grey tea
3. macaron
4. pineapple shrimp
5. anything tex-mex
6. bread pudding
7. ice cream with "stuff" in it

7 things I say most often:
1. "Satoshi get up"
2. "Let's go"
3. "Did you take a bath yet?"
4. "Ki o tsukete" (be careful)
5. "Sumimasen" (excuse me)
6. "Onegai shimasu" (please)
7. "Arigatoo" (thank you)

If you would like to do the meme, just link back to this post!

I'd like to leave this post on a foodie note: about a year ago, I visited Fromage de Hikita, well, since I was in the area, I picked up a slice of satsuma imo (sweet potato) cheesecake...367 yen (about US$3.67) This cheesecake was dense, not too sweet. The crust could have been more flaky, the roasted sesame seeds on the top added to the subtle sweet potato flavor. This went nicely with some darjeeling tea and a splash of milk.

Thanks again Deb for the award and thought provoking meme!


tortadeaceite said...

Hi from Spain! Congratulations for the Blogs of Note mention. One of my brothers lives in Kameoka (Japan), since 2007. He is married to a japanese woman, who cooks really, really well, and they have a beautiful and cheerful spanish-japanese two years daughter.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Ooo...I'm a foodie, too. Would be hard to give up great food and tea! I agree with you on travel to Europe and having a yard/garden someday...wishes of mine also. :0)

Suze said...

Congrats on the award!


2kamuela47 said...

Congrats Kat! You deserve the award. I will work on the meme check my blog soon I should have it posted in a few days I hope. :o)

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - I must say....I found the 7 things you say most often really funny.

bourgogne said...

congrats! and yeah, visit france!

Deb in Hawaii said...

You are welcome! Great job with the meme. How can you fit any more languages in your head--you amaze me already!?! ;-)

Phoebe said...

congratulations on the Kreativ award! sweet potato cheesecake, yum! hahaha crusts are everything in a cheesecake slice ;)

K and S said...

Thanks Phoebe :)

Thank you Deb :) I actually wanted to work at the United Nations until I found out I needed 5 languages...

Cross your fingers and toes, Bourgogne...hopefully soon.

Glad I made you smile Kirkk :)

Will check in a couple of days Laura :)

Thanks Suze, Pfeiffer Photos!

wow that is nearby tortadeaceite!

Take care everyone.

Shravan Vijayaprasad said...

Haha! Darjeeling tea in the end,(Phew.. there's and indian connection) Lol! Hey !

Sharon said...

Hi! Found you on blogs of note. My husband and I actually met in japn. We were both right out of college and were the only ones over there each other's age to tour around with. We were in yoyogi ue hara. Is the almond still a meeting corner??

Anyway, liove you blog!

K and S said...

That is so nice Sharon, I'm not familiar with the meeting places in Tokyo (sorry!)

Thanks Shrav!

Take care you two.

Tamakikat said...

Great to learn more about you:)

If you like ice cream with bits in it I'm sure you'd like the new frozen yoghurt place, sno:la, in Kyoto across from BAL and down the road.


K and S said...

Thanks Tamakikat, I'll google to see if they have a website :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat!
Can you tell me what is "bread pudding"?

K and S said...

Bread pudding is bread baked with an egg custard, most people have their own variation to the recipe. I like to use old cinnamon bread or then scramble an egg with a cup of milk and cinnamon. You could also add fruit like raisins or even nuts.
I hope you get to try bread pudding soon :) and I hope this helps.

Take care.

nordwolke said...

Hey, you want to learn German? I can help you with that = Dabei kann ich Dir helfen! :D

K and S said...

Thanks Beadexplorer! I will ask you :)

Take care.