Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last Thursday was our 9th anniversary. We didn't do anything special. In fact, Satoshi had to work late.

I didn't really feel much like cooking either. So, I made some pasta with zucchini, roasted garlic, pancetta and pesto. Really quick and easy. (I think the hardest part was putting the garlic into the oven to roast)

I bought a stinky cheese plate. It came with (a slice of Fourme d'Ambert (a blue cheese from the Auvergne area, lots of blue-grey mold), some Boursin Pepper cheese spread & Welcome cheese (a creamy processed cheese from France)) which I ate with toasted bread. I actually wanted crackers, but could only find Ritz and didn't think it would match.

I had thought that I may be allergic to blue cheese when I was in Hawaii, because I am allergic to penicillin and the mold in blue cheese is from penicillin (my mom told me about the mold in blue cheese), but since I didn't have a reaction to eating this blue cheese, maybe I just had too much blue cheese when I was in Hawaii??

I bought a Fair Trade wine from South Africa called Moonlight Organics. The 2006 Shiraz was kind of on the dry side, but delicious.

For dessert, I dipped some dried mango and strawberries in 70% chocolate.

It was a nice dinner even though we couldn't enjoy it together.

Today is my first day for the next round of French lessons, only 5 classes, but I think the topics for this round are more on food! Hope I can keep up in class.


Phoebe said...

Happy Anniversary to both you and Satoshi!! The food is still delicious and you both of you can always enjoy eating together anytime! :) All the best for French classes!~

sheri said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Good luck with the French classes, I took 2 years in college, and well, the French language and I didn't get along unfortunately!

K and S said...

Thanks Phoebe :)

I'm not getting along too well with the language either Sheri :0

Take care you two.

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary!! ^_^ all the food looks great, especially the cheese...mmm cheese, so tasty! Glad you're not allergic to blue cheese - that ranks high on my favourites, hehe

Lynne said...


Your dinner sounded beautiful. I'm so sorry you had to eat it alone, and Happy Belated Anniversary.

I admire your taking another language. I wish I had taken the time to learn other languages growing up. I remember meeting a young woman that was fluent in several languages. I have a hard time keeping English going the right way sometimes in my head, let alone another language, lol. I hope you enjoy your classes. Blessings to you and Satoshi!

Suze said...

Happy Anniversary! Good luck with French. I know how to pronounce French words, because of voice, but I don't know what the words mean unless I look at the translation. lol.

Jenster said...

Happy Anniversary, Kat and Satoshi, with many more to come!

I used to work for an airline, too. Due to low seniority, I had to work every birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc. It just made my husband and me appreciate the time we had together and made us realize that the dates on a calendar mean nothing; you can have a "special day" anytime you decide to have one.

The dipped fruits in chocolate look scrumptious, BTW.

KirkK said...

Happy Anniversary to the both of you! Good luck in French class.

K and S said...

I'm glad too Kathy, as blue cheese is one of my favs!

Thanks Lynne, Jenster, Suze & Kirkk :)

Take care everyone.

Debinhawaii said...

Happy Anniversary! It looks like a great meal. I love the cheese plate and dipped fruit especially. I like pretty much all cheeses but I loves me some black pepper boursin! Good luck with the new classes.

Tamakikat said...

French and Food?

I don't how you haven't had the two together before this:)


K and S said...

Thanks Deb! We recently spread the boursin on some toasted bread then topped it with smoked salmon...yum!

Not sure what you mean, Tamakikat...

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

I read someone's comment on your Flickr regarding an anniversary so I hopped over...

Too bad Satoshi had to work late, but the eats look goo!

K and S said...

Thanks Rowena, were you able to get on the Obamicon?

Take care.

Lori said...

Dark chocolate covered strawberries...I could eat a whole tray of those!

Barefoot Plumies said...

Joyeux anniversaire! I took 2 years of French in high school and all I can remember are the, ahem, bad words. Good luck on the French lessons!

K and S said...

I probably could too, Lori :)

Thanks Barefoot Plumies, we haven't learned any bad words yet :)

Take care you two.

2kamuela47 said...

Happy Anniversary Kat and Satoshi! Wow has it been that long already I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary!


Tamakikat said...

Hi there.

Most people learning a language want to learn about its culture.

As France is a foodie nation I am surprised your teacher hasn't introduced food before now.

Nothing like a bit of 'vin' and 'chocolat' to spice up a lesson.

'Bon Anniversaire de Mariage' by the way.


K and S said...

Thanks Laura!

Thanks Paz!

Thanks for clearing that up Tamakikat! The last round of lessons, started with greetings then ordering une cafe, yesterday was ordering une tarte :)

Take care everyone.

manju said...

Belated anniversary wishes, and congratulations too on your 1000th post! It's great that you celebrated the occasion with a special meal, especially if you learned you aren't allergic to bleu cheese (whew!...) in the end.

K and S said...

Thank you Manju :) I am really happy that I am not allergic to blue cheese :)

Take care.

Barbara said...

Sorry I'm late but happy anniversary Kat. I hope you had a nice day.

K and S said...

Thank you Barbara, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Take care.