Saturday, January 03, 2009

the past couple of days

Happy New Year! It is already the 3rd day of the year here. Satoshi had to go to work today but I wanted to tell you about the past couple of days.
December 31st...we went to our favorite soba shop to eat toshikoshi soba, but they were closed, so we ended up eating a nice bowl of kim chee ramen at Hanamichi. That night, I made some appetizers for dinner. One was this German potato dish. Thinly sliced potato, onions, weiners sauteed in a teaspoon of mayo. When the potatoes were cooked, everything was then sauteed in a teaspoon of whole seed mustard.

Dessert were these ichigo mochi from Senjyuan (the fillings were different for each, pink = koshian (smooth bean paste), yellow = kuri (chestnut), green = tsubushian (chunky bean paste). Just as the sun set, we were able to see the planets line up.

January 1st...we went over to my MIL's and had lunch of o-sechi. Can you believe that the white orchids that bloomed on my FIL's birthday are still alive? We were amazed at how long they are lasting.

After a nap, we headed to Kitano Tenmangu to pray for the new year. While at Kitano Tenmangu, we picked up some chogoromochi for dessert. After our prayers, we visited with a team mate of Satoshi's from his little league days.

January BIL came over and took us to visit Satoshi's grandma at the home she is in. She has her good days and bad days, luckily we caught her on a good day. Though she didn't remember any of our names, it was nice to see her. We all couldn't believe that she will be 101 this year. We were thankful that she isn't on medication and despite her legs, is in pretty good health.

For lunch, my MIL took us to a restaurant in her neighborhood, Sara. They were having a prix fixe menu.

This restaurant looks rather new and they use a lot of fresh and local ingredients, mainly Kyoto veggies. Kyo-yasai, as it is called are mostly organic. It is sort of a brand name for Kyoto, but the quality of the vegetables are quite high and you can find them in most department stores.
For 6000 yen (about U$60) per person, there was a long dish filled with different appetizers. A spicy soup made with miso and karashi (Japanese mustard) and ebi imo (Kyoto dasheen). A plate of sashimi (tai (sea bream), toro (fatty tuna), ika (squid)).

Sekihan steamed with unagi, takenoko (bamboo shoot) and Kyoto tsukemono. Tempura--renkon sandwiching crab, eggplant and green pepper. A chawan mushi (savory custard) filled with yuri-ne (lily bulb) and hamaguri (clam) topped with nanohana (canola blossoms) and grated ginger. Buri (yellowtail) grilled with a teriyaki sauce and some kuromame (sweet black beans)

Kamo dango (duck dumpling) with Kyo-yasai (Kyoto veggies). There was also some o-sumashi (clear broth), rice and tsukemono (pickles). Dessert was a coconut pudding, a slice of melon and pear.

It was a great couple of days, lots of food, lots of family, lots of chatting. Hope you have a great week.

9 Hatsune-cho, Koyama
Kita-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075.496.1155
Closed on Mondays
Lunch from 12:00-14:00 (last order at 13:30)
Dinner from 17:30-21:00 (last order at 20:00)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's Satoshi's 101 year old grandmother?! She's looks amazing for her age. I would say she only looks to be in her late 70s from that picture.

Happy New Year to you and Satoshi. I look forward to reading your excellent blog posts the whole year.

SHAR said...

Happy New Years Kat :)

Everything looks so good ,
your grandma in law looks awesome for someone of that

Abigail said...

OK, I'm headed over to your place right now for some of that German potato dish!!! And those ichigo mochi...mmmmm....

Debinhawaii said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate the New Year--good food and family! Everything looks delicious and I agree with everyone else, Satoshi's grandmother looks amazing for 101.

K and S said...

Thanks Anon!

Thanks Shar!

Anytime Abigail :)

Thanks Deb!

Take care everyone!

Phoebe said...

wow You certainly had a busy start to the year. The appetizers must have been very time-consuming to prepare; especially all in one go. It looks delicious. haha I love grandmothers! You are lucky gal, treasure your grandmother =)

K and S said...

Thanks Phoebe, it wasn't too bad putting the appetizers together, hope 2009 is a good one for you :)

Take care.

Lori said...

You guys have been eating so well these past several days! That chestnut ichigo mochi looks great, I've never seen that combo before!

K and S said...

It was actually hard to eat Lori, but delicious :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good start to the New Year. Happy New Year! May all your dreams continue to come true.


Jenster said...

What a nice photo of Satoshi and his grandma. They both look so happy. I'm sure she was thrilled to have visitors.

I also enjoyed the food photos, especially the mochi one near the top. For some reason, with the way they sliced it and inserted a strawberry, to me they resembled Pac-Man characters sticking out a red tongue at you. See how my mind works?

K and S said...

Now that you mention it, they do look like Pac-Man with their tongues sticking out, Jenster :)

Thank you Paz, all the best to you too in 2009 :)

Take care you two.

Fuji Mama said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I may have to buy a new keyboard because I think I just drooled all over the one I'm using...I'm starving after looking at all that yummy food!

K and S said...

Thanks FM, hope you can save the keyboard :)

Take care.

Peko-P said...

Happy New Year Kat and Satoshi!

It sounds like you had a nice time in Kyoto. I didn't make it over to Kitano Shrine this year for New Year's prayers. I did eat toshikoshi soba for the first time though -- FINALLY!

Ichigo daifuku is out, spring is on the way. That is one thing I don't like about Japanese New Year's -- it is spring already. That was quick!

Have a happy and yummy 2009!


K and S said...

Happy New Year Peko-P! I hope 2009 will be a delicious year for you and Paku :)

Take care.

manju said...

Satoshi's obaa-san looks wonderful -- she has such a beautiful smile!

You've already had such a busy (and delicious) new year... I always love the photos of your coffees from Per Caffe--it's truly amazing what they can do with the foam!

K and S said...

Thanks Manju! And thank you again for the gift of reiki :)

Take care.