Saturday, January 24, 2009


The train system in our area run by Hankyu, has come out with an eco-train. I think the figuration is similar to the Toyota Prius (Toyota's hybrid)--whenever the train conductor presses the brakes, the train generates electricity to be used by other trains.

Inside the train, where the advertisements are usually for magazines or sales at department stores, they are instead all about ecology. (This photo was taken on another train line. I've always wondered how they change the advertisments, there is actually "someone" who does it.)

If I'm not mistaken, Hankyu plans to have 1 eco-train for each of their main lines (Kyoto, Kobe & Takarazuka) by July of this year.

I couldn't tell if the ride was any different, but I love the cute drawings on the outside of the train.


2kamuela47 said...

That ego-train is impressive. The trains look really clean compared to NYC's.

shar said...

That is too cool, love the graphics on the train, is it a continuous mural like scene ? love it.

Information and Reviews said...

I wonder if the train was slower. I have seen many public buses in different cities in the US that were running on natural gas. I am not sure how that works.

Phoebe said...

one step to reducing pollution and saving resources properly! Can't say that I am sad about that now. Does it travel at the same speed?

K and S said...

Thanks Laura, the trains here actually give off this fine black dust. :(

Nope just on the front and end of the train Shar, would be cool if it ran the full length!

No I&R & Phoebe, the train ran at the same speed, it wasn't slower.

Take care everyone.

Lynne said...

We're truly on our way to a "Jetson's" society. When I see inventions going this direction, it seems like it is something seen on TV from years before. Very cool.

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - That's really great. And sounds like there's no performance degradation...even better.

K and S said...

Very cool indeed Lynne :)

Hopefully more modes of transportation will be able to catch on, Kirkk :)

Take care you two.

Lori said...

Wow, that is so great! We have a Toyota hybrid, so I think it's wonderful that they're starting to make trains like that too!

K and S said...

Hopefully more buses can be changed to hybrid, Lori :)

Take care.