Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cake couture

Yesterday I met my friend Carroll for a lunch of egg drop soup, honey glazed walnut shrimp, honey glazed spare ribs, spicy potstickers, garlic choi sum & coconut tapioca at Beijing in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

We had a nice lunch and despite the bad economy, it was nice to see the restaurant packed with people. (Thanks Carroll!)

After lunch, she had to go back to work, so I drove out to Aina Haina to Cake Couture.

This shop was featured in a local magazine called "Honolulu" in their "best of" issue. I had made a note "to visit" on my last trip home.

Last year, my blog friend, Deb, in the meantime, had checked them out here and here.

Since this trip home there are only my parents and me, I picked out 3 cupcakes for us to try.....I chose Red Velvet, Lemon and Chocolate.

I split each one in half, and split the other half into another half giving each of us one half plus two one-fourths of a different flavor (complicated?? maybe).

So, we got to try one whole cupcake with three flavors...mmm. My favorite was lemon, then red velvet then chocolate.

The cupcakes were so moist and all the frostings seemed to be flavored buttercream...delicious! My mother, who usually scrapes off the frosting from the cakes and throws them away (because they are mostly made from sugar and oil and are tasteless), ate every bit, so you know it was good!

They also had flavors like cookies 'n cream, vanilla, chocolate mint and a special cupcake that looked like a Hostess cupcake only more decadent because they used bittersweet ganache (OMG!...Deb have you tried this one??). I think some of their flavors change daily, so check out their website for more info.

If this shop weren't too far, I would be back often!, but this was a special trip, my parents 46th wedding anniversary is today, a great excuse for some cake, don't you think?!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Cake Couture
Aina Haina Shopping Center
820 West Hind Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.373.9750
Closed Sundays


Anonymous said...

Having been to Cake Couture, I've found that if you get past the frosting the cupcake itself isn't that special. There is a mild aftertaste of raw baking soda especially in the chocolate ones.

My personal fave is Hokulani Bakery in Restaurant Row. They focus more on the cake and still maintain a good frosting. Do a head-to-head comparison with Cake Couture with their Red Velvet. I think you'll find Hokulani to be a superior product

The Rambler said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

I'll have to check this place out...yum yum.

K and S said...

Thanks Anon, will try to get some from Hokulani:)

Thanks Rambler, will give them your wishes :)

Take care you two.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Too funny--I was there getting a lemon cake too yesterday! I was having a Monday and driving by and it is my favorite. Glad you liked them. I have had the Hostess Cupcake one and it is tasty, although I tend not to eat chocolate cupcakes as much as non-chocolate ones. (Cococnut Lime on Tuesday is my other fave!)

I do have to respectfully disagree with Anonymous (although my comparisons have been more with the non-chocolate cakes than the chocolate and I have tried both red velvet, but not at the same time). Having tried both brands, I find the cake and frosting to be a bit "oily" and slightly cloying at Hokulani and prefer CC. But hey, in the name of science you really should try both. Never turn down a cupcake! ;-)

Mikuru Hirai said...

Hmmm.. their Orange Creamsicle and Chai Spice interests me.

K and S said...

That is interesting Deb, now I may have to get some Hokulani for comparison :) we'll see if I get there.

mmm they do sound good, Mikuru :)

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

^-^ Is it everybody's wedding anniversary in June? Love it!

2kamuela47 said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! Now I have another place to venture to!

K and S said...

For all you June brides, Rowena, I guess so :) (I'm January)

Thanks Laura, hope you like it!

Take care you two.

Suze said...

Hi Kat,
Please tell your parents "Happy Anniversary!" for me. :)

Anonymous said...

I would ask that you test each scientifically. Try just the cake first, then the frosting, then both together.

K and S said...

Thanks again, Anon, I'm not sure if I will get to go there this trip, but do have it on my list to try :)

Take care.

K and S said...

will do Suze :) thank you!

Take care.