Thursday, June 18, 2009

odds & ends

Cleaning out some photos...

My tofu container bought at the dollar store in Hawaii, the meshed container is where you put your tofu, the container under it is where you put water, this keeps your tofu fresh. I also put cheesecloth in the meshed container to strain water out of yogurt for dressings/sauces.

A pork katsu (cutlet) sandwich at Hanayashiki. I've written about this place before. The little old man behind the counter is still there. Expect to wait for your meal or coffee, he does everything himself. This sandwich was delicious, not greasy. Satoshi had the katsu curry, which I've had before. He said he enjoyed this too.

Down the street from Hanayashiki is Boulangerie An. It was our first visit, I picked up some scones...I think they had way too much baking powder in it because it left a weird feeling in my mouth (I wouldn't choose this again). Satoshi tried their egg sandwich and rolled cake, he said he liked these.

Trip to Starbucks, I tried their Choco-mint pie...the mint filling is whipped cream with flecks of chocolate...crust could be crisper but overall delicious.

On another trip to Starbucks, I tried their dacquoise and marble chocolates....meh, both not worth it. The green marble chocolates were supposed to be matcha (green tea), but weren't anywhere near green tea in taste. The brown marble chocolates are coffee flavored, I think the coffee flavor overpowers what little green tea flavor when eating the two together. The dacquoise didn't have much flavor and was really sweet.

Pafonte's chocolate cream...a hunk of chocolate bread split just enough to fill it with some whipped cream then dipped in chocolate...only 126 yen (about US$1.26)...definitely worth it!

Mior's rose dessert....custard, strawberry preserves and whipped cream, an edible rose tops the dessert. Delicious!

Ginza ichigoza...Satoshi brought some back when he went to Tokyo on business. This is the same company that makes that Tokyo Banana dessert. A baked manju outside filled with strawberry cream flavored bean paste and strawberry jelly, covered with strawberry flavored chocolate....think strawberry newton!

Ferdinand's chicken curry lunch...the curry wasn't spicy in fact it sort of reminded me more of shoyu chicken than curry, but it was very filling!

Stinky bleu cheese...gorgonzola, stilton and roquefort...mmm.

Family Mart's (a convenience store) private label or as the Japanese call it "pb" (private brand), coconut milk with black tapioca. The coconut milk was a bit watery but the tapioca really chewy.

Morinaga's chocolate mint au lait, which just came out in the convenience stores. (I found this at Daily Yamazaki) I loved the combination of chocolate milk and mint, reminded me of the ice cream or Andes mints.

p.s. Get ready for "hawaii eats" posts...I'm off to visit friends and family, talk to you soon!


genkitummy said...

mmmm..that chocolate bread looks yummy!
have a great time in hawaii kat!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Not fair! You're making me hungry! I love the look of the chocky cake.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Can't wait to see your Hawaii posts--I am sure you have a lot of fun planned for your trip! ;-)

Kelly said...

Cool! I wish our dollar store had tofu containers. That's hard to find for so cheap in Texas!

All the food looks yummy. The cheeses made my mouth water ~ I love all those stinky cheeses, lol. ^-^

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Have a great trip and say hi to Hawaii from me - my husband and I are planning to go someday!

K and S said...

Thanks Genki :)

It was really good Melanie :)

Thanks Deb, hope I get to do(eat) a lot :)

I wish there were more dollar stores around the world, you can find most anything there, Biologie, of course I do tend to overspend when going there :p

Hawaii says "aloha", come soon Abigail :)

Take care everyone.