Thursday, June 25, 2009

the counter

Tuesday, my mom met up with her foodie friends for a get together, and I was lucky enough to be able to tag along.

The place...the Counter. A build-your-own burger shop in the Kahala Mall.

This shop is actually a franchise and recently opened here this year, so there may be a location near you.

Owned by a popular local chef (with investors like an actor from LOST), this shop has an array of burgers, toppings and lots of deliciousness!

We ordered the Trio, it isn't on the menu but our server was kind enough to tell us about it. It is a basket of their sweet potato fries, onion strings and french fries. It comes with barbecue sauce, ranch and horseradish mayo.

My favorite was the sweet potato fries with the onion strings coming in a close second, and the barbecue sauce...mmm! (how I miss this kind of bbq sauce in Japan!)

You are given a checklist as to what type of burger you want, the cheese, 4 toppings, a sauce and a bun.

Here is my burger...1/3 pound beef burger with herb goat cheese spread, roasted red peppers, grilled onions, carrot strings, mixed baby greens on a honey wheat bun and a caramelized onion marmalade on the side...I was a bit disappointed with the marmalade, but happy with the rest of my burger.

My mom ordered the 1/3 pound beef burger with swiss cheese, carrot strings, grilled onions, tomatoes, mixed baby greens on a honey wheat bun and a honey mustard sauce on the side.

You could also choose to have your burger in a bowl (without the bun) which is how one of my mom's friends ordered and we felt that the next time we go this is how we would order too. (You get more veggies that way.)

The total was US$14 per person (with tip)....It was nice to see her friends again and we all had a filling but great lunch.

The Counter
Kahala Mall (2 doors down from Whole Foods)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.739.5100

p.s. we also got a caramel chocolate brownie to bring home for my dad, who was nice enough to share with my mom and was rich, chocolatey with ooey gooey caramel...yum!


Shirley the Bridezilla said...

I saw this place around the time when it first opened. We desperately wanted to try it, except there was a half-hour wait!

How long will you be on Oahu? Sorry if you've stated this already in an earlier post. I am still playing catch-up with your blog as I just returned from a trip to Beijing.

In an earlier post, you wrote about Cake Couture. I also wanted to suggest La Gelateria (819 Cedar Street) in case you've not tried it before.

K and S said...

If you can go there on a weekday, it is best to try to get there when it opens @ 11, Shirley. I'm here for a couple more weeks, I'll make note of La Gelateria, what do you recommend there?

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

The Counter is fun--if you make it back get some fried pickles and try a milkshake too. They had a special one when i was there that was "Apple Pie"--yum! Chunks of apple and bits of pie crust. I am a burger in the bowl fan myself and if you can breakaway from the meat--they have a killer veggie burger.

Shirley the Bridezilla said...


I will have to try to go and beat the rush. However, given my working hours, that may be difficult as my lunch hour is between 12-1 and is located in the downtown business district.

As for La Gelateria, you should most definitely get a big tub of their black sesame seed gelato. It's to die for!

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - Onion strings...onion strings...we don't have a location here in San Diego yet, but I can't wait!

K and S said...

They had the caramel chocolate milkshake this month Deb, it looked awesome, will have to try those fried pickles too. My mom was wondering about that veggie burger but was afraid it would turn out to be those frozen type veggie patties.

ooh sesame seed gelato sounds really good Shirley! Thanks for the tip :) I hope you get a chance to eat at the Counter soon!

Kirkk, I can't wait until you get one nearby so I can hear what you think about it.

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

I like that you mentioned carrot strings, because I never thought to have that as a topping to a burger - will make sure to have that at our next pulehu! I also noticed Shirley's comment on the black sesame gelato and now gotta find a recipe! (pea season is over, sadly)

Rowena said...

ps. just're there for only a couple more weeks?? [insert big SAD face] It seems as if you just got there. Kat make double posts each day so I can experience Hawaii more!! heh heh ;-)

K and S said...

couple more weeks = end of July :p Rowena...

Take care.

Deb said...

aloha! i've read about this place - hurley does a blog and posted about it. the herb goat cheese sounds so ono on a burger! i'm also a fan of the burger, no bun so i can fill up with more MEAT! okay, and veggies too:) i hope it's still around by time we get to visit!

my hawaii food blogging will be coming soon...

Jackie said...

You are so lucky. enjoy and really savor every single bits. I tend to crave all fried stuff. The sweet potato fries and onion threads look so tempting. Absolutely love the accompanied sauces!

K and S said...

I hope you get to try it too, Deb :) will check out hurley's blog!

Thank you Jackie, I am really lucky and am very thankful too.

Take care you two.

Shirley the Bridezilla said...

We went there tonight for my boyfriend's and my 34-month month-a-versary ;) (almost to three years!). It was wonderful but we ended up ordering WAY too much and took half our meal home. :(

We had the Loco Moco burger, Counter Burger, fried pickles (which were served with a wonderful apricot sauce) and chili cheese fries.

K and S said...

Happy 34-month anniversary Shirley! I'm glad you enjoyed the food :)

Take care.

Admin said...

That's really yummy, Kat. Don't eat too much though, those stuff are packed with calories. You don't wanna ruin your sexy figure, won't you? ^^

K and S said...

ha! what figure Mikuru?? :)

Take care.