Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Another place we tried for lunch was Emaimelei Restaurant, which was located behind the town's shopping center.

This place was packed with locals when we arrived...the menu was pretty "intense" because there were so many things that I had never seen or heard of before.

From the menu, I managed to pick out pinakbet and pancit--envisioning a dry noodle, I ordered Pancit Canton. And after asking the waitress what it was, Satoshi ordered Pancit Lomi. Both US$8.50.

The waitress taking our order was almost to the point of laughing when we ordered, probably because we were ordering two starches...

Anyway, when the orders came out they were HUGE! Pancit Lomi---a big steaming bowl of soup with udon in it and lots of seafood (mostly shrimp and squid), pork, some cabbage, won bok and carrots. The soup reminded me of egg drop soup and probably could feed a family of 4 or more...

Pancit Canton was like fried noodles except it tasted like it had been sauteed in butter or something. This had large pieces of pork and some cabbage, carrots and green onion.

Needless to say, it was way too much food for the two of us. The soup style pancit was definitely better than the fried noodle style...We ate up the soup and wrapped up the fried noodles for our dinner.

Emaimelei Restaurant
Behind WCTC (Western Caroline Trading Company) Shopping Center
Phone: 680.488.5905


gtrine said...

Hi there! I come to read your blog everyday and I don't normally post but the photos look exactly like pancit canton and pancit lomi! They are making my mouth water!

I was so excited to read the post; you must've gone to a filipino restaurant (although Emaimelei doesn't sound Filipino at all) I typically like my pancit canton with a little more sauce than that; but the photos are making me home sick! Nice to hear about your vacation!

Rona Y. said...

Were the owners Filipino? I never thought of Palau as having a lot of Filipinos. I wonder how they ended up there.

K and S said...

sorry to make you homesick...what kind of sauce does pancit canton usually have, gtrine?

I couldn't tell Rona, Palau is quite close to Cebu.

Take care you two.

Rick said...

Hi Kat,

I would have such a difficult time finding food if I traveled due to my current diet restrictions! Arrgggg.

Anyway, from what I learned from a "foreign investors seminar" I attended a couple months ago is that foreigners (of the USA) that want to get a USA Green Card type of immigration status in the US have the option to invest in a business in places like Micronesia. It requires much less capital investment and they just need to be residents of that territory for X# of years and then they can easily transfer their visa to the USA. Apparently many Chinese have been doing this to prepare for when their children are college age. They want to be able to enroll their children in US colleges at the respective state's resident rate rather than the foreigner rate.

gtrine said...

Hi Kat:

I guess I would describe the sauce as like a chinese style gravy; a brown sauce that's thickened with cornstarch is what we make our pancit with. Unfortunately we don't make these noodles very well. They tend to get sticky on us, not like in the restaurants.

K and S said...

yipes Rick that is not fun at all
:( is there a chance for recovery? or is it a lifetime illness? that aside, it is interesting what you said about the visa though, thanks for sharing!

thanks gtrine, this one didn't have "gravy" and was quite dry.

Take care you two.

Mikuru Hirai said...

Those are definitely Filipino food. The pancit canton was stir fried together with the veggies and meat with a little soy sauce, it is close to yakisoba. And the other one - are you sure it's lomi? I looked at the pic and I can't see the noodles very clearly as they are submerged in the soup. Anyway if it's lomi, it should have thick and rather wavy noodles. If there are dumplings and egg wrappers in there it's pancit molo. Here in the Philippines we have around 10 variations of pancit or maybe even more. Maybe next time, when ordering Kat, ask about the serving size. ^^ Maybe the waitress though you and Satoshi have a very big appetite that's why she laughed.

Debinhawaii said...

What's wrong with two starches?! ;-) Sometimes you just want/need noodles. It looks like a filling meal.

Rowena... said...

I'm trying to imagine a dish that is enough to feed a family of 4 and I'm like....oh wow! And then I thought, oh yeah, that would be enough for me, MotH, Maddie and Mister. I spoil them way too much.

K and S said...

Mikuru, the lomi had thick udon noodles, have you tried udon in Japan? I guess we never ask about serving sizes because in Japan they are quite teeny :)

I know Debinhawaii, carbs is a good thing :)

You do Rowena, but they deserve it too :)

Take care everyone.