Monday, September 14, 2009

roasted stuffed peppers

The other night I wanted to make something easy for dinner. I had looked online for a roasted stuffed bell pepper recipe, but most were kinda time consuming (roasting the peppers then stuffing them, then putting them back under the broiler).

So instead, I threw several ingredients together raw, stuffed some red bell peppers and roasted them in a 350F (180C) oven for about 40 minutes.

Of course when I threw things together, I came out with more filling than needed.

So, I cooked the rest of the filling on the stove and served it on the side of the roasted peppers.

Here is what I put into my filling:
2 small chicken breasts, cut into small cubes
part of a zucchini, small dice
part of a carrot, small dice
part of an onion, small dice
some leftover cooked rice (about a handful)
some leftover iberico cheese (about a handful grated)
1 eringi mushroom, cut into small cubes
1 tablespoon EVOO
1/4 teaspoon herb de provence

Bake at 350F (180C) for about 40 minutes.

I also had forgotten to add the asparagus I had, so I chopped it up, cooked it on the stove and added it to the remaining filling.

Be careful when you cut the roasted bell peppers open to eat, all the juices from the chicken, and veggies will gush out.

It was delicious, simply seasoned--lots of veggies, some rice, some chicken and not too much work.


biologie said...

MMMmmm, sounds wonderful. I love that it has lots of veggies. I'm a veggie-lover. :)

This recipe is too good to pass up, I'm going to try it sometime this week and I'll let you know how mine turns out!

K and S said...

hope it doesn't disappoint Biologie :)

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

Love the combo of the veggies, chicken and rice--looks like it was delicious.

K and S said...

best part was that it was easy, Debinhawaii :)

Take care.

Rowena... said...

When I saw this I thought, hmmmm...maybe I'll be able to finally use the ones on the plants outside! Mr B has been digging in that part of the vegetable patch where I also have tulip bulbs buried from last year. We came home and he had dug up and chewed one of the bulbs, and tramped over a couple of the bell pepper plants in the process!

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - Looks great....I lvoe stuffed peppers!!!

K and S said...

Mr B...sigh. Hope you get a chance to use the bell peppers on your plants, Rowena!

It was so easy Kirk, I think I may have to do this again!

Take care you two.