Sunday, September 13, 2009

things I'm liking (and disliking)

Some things I am liking and disliking...

Disliking...the new drink by Sekai no Kitchen...Maple and spices, sounded good...kinda tastes like chai but with a sickly sweet maple syrup flavor.

Husbands who come home from drinking at 2 a.m., make a ruckus while changing and showering, then fall asleep in a snap, snoring so loudly that their wives who had been sleeping peacefully are now rudely awakened and cannot go back to sleep...I won't name any names, you know who you are....

Quickly moving on to liking...

This bag by Elise Tran. My Aunty Marian had bought this bag for herself but after using it on a trip, didn't like it, so she gave it to me as an early Christmas present.

This bag holds everything I usually carry on trips...passport holder, hand towel, wallets, cell phone, organizer, train pass & foldable sun umbrella. (Thank you!)

Starbucks Milano Espresso...hints of chocolate...mmm! On the go, when I can't get a hot cup of coffee, I like this type of coffee drink instead of the canned coffees because the canned ones taste like...cans!

Plus, the canned ones have tons of sugar in them. It is cold, but at least I can get a shot of caffeine without all the sugar.

Duchy Originals Organic Orange Biscuits...this cookie is delicious with bits of candied orange peel in it.

Also they use organic wheat flour, and if I remember correctly a portion of sales goes to a charity in England.

Haagen Dazs' newest flavor, sweet potato pie...

Vanilla ice cream topped with a layer of sweet potato and walnuts. The sweet potato layer is a bit gritty/grainy, but overall a delicious combination.

Cleaning out the pantry, I found a really (really) old box of Jell-O....used it up with some canned mandarin oranges for a quick and easy dessert.

These tiny cups hold 3/4 cups of liquid, but were the perfect size for these desserts. I was able to make 4.

Kinda half liking and disliking this one...worms in the lettuce.

Disliking it because he made all the center ribs nasty looking, but liking it because if he is in there, it means this was grown without pesticides...

Diva Chocolate's Mocha Java Rub...after putting the rub on, the instructions suggest putting the protein into the refridge to meld for 30 minutes.

I cooked this on a grill pan and nearly freaked when I saw it all black, I used the tongs to scrape off the rub and realized that the steak wasn't burnt (whew!)

The meat was so tender, not sure if it was the grade of meat (black wagyu) or the spice combination in the rub or both.

This rub had some cinnamon as well as chocolate, it smells sweet when cooking but isn't when you eat it.

Disliking the fact that they are now out of business though--another business bites the dust due to the economy. (sad to see you go!), I rarely say that I like leftovers, but a sandwich made from leftover steak, some mayo, leftover pistachio baguette and leftover veggie sticks made a great quick lunch.

My new 27 cm (10 inch) violet T-fal pan, 1468 yen (about US$14.68). I was recently looking for a new pan and wanted something "made in Japan", but almost everything Seiyu had was "made in China".

Luckily, I found this T-fal (made in France) on sale, another good thing about this store is that if you bring your own bag they knock off 2 yen, not much, but it is something.

The skies indicating that the season is changing and Autumn is it!

Is there something you are liking or disliking?


Paz said...

Liking your list. Had to laugh about the husband dislike. I don't blame you. ;-)

Paz (who also loves your bag)

Rona Y said...

Pistachio baguette? Where's that from? Sounds like something I'd like!

I love Awaji Burger's burgers, except I don't like that they got a lot of publicity and now it's very difficult to get a seat (they've only got 5!), and sometimes, I can't even get a burger! Oh for the days when they were just popular locally.

K and S said...

lol Thanks Paz :)

Rona, the pistachio baguette was from Ferdinand, they only make 2 a day. I've never heard of Awaji Burgers, but can understand your pain.

Take care you two.

Debinhawaii said...

A big list! Did that certain husband (not naming names) read your post? ;-)

You have me craving a steak sandwich now--among other things!

K and S said...

Big list indeed Debinhawaii, I don't think he read it and even if he did the feeling of remorse would only last a couple of weeks then go back to his same pattern...hope you get some steak sandwich though :)

Take care.

Suze said...

Hi Kat, I also have an Elise Tran bag in black, but with two pockets in the front like this one I converted mine to a backpack and I love it. I bought mine from Shirokiya last it! It was expensive, but it was so worth the price. :)

K and S said...

If I am not mistaken, I think that is where my Aunty bought this one from Suze, it can also convert to a backpack, though I haven't tried it that way yet. I think it was kinda pricey also.

Take care.

jalna said...

I got the exact same bag as Suze, also in black from my mom who bought it for herself, but ended up not liking it. I love it. I carry my camera lenses in it when I go shooting. So score, yeah!

K and S said...

You did score! I love all the pockets in it, Jalna :)

Take care.

Rowena... said...

I like the fact that soon, juicy, fat persimmons will be in season, and soon thereafter blood oranges from Sicily!

Rick said...

oh my... a worm in your lettuce... I guess plastic stickers aren't that bad to find in my salad.

does that Starbucks Milano Espresso have milk in it? I know I have the hardest time finding truly black coffee w/out sweeteners in convenience store or vending machines in Japan. I don't know why more of them don't stock it.

K and S said...

I saw a lady with a plastic bag of persimmons yesterday Rowena...envious of the blood oranges you will enjoy :)

It was still moving too Rick...yipes! Yup the Milano has some sugar and milk in it, I think there are some canned types that have come out as "black", those do tend to be really bitter, but if you cannot have sugar (or don't want sugar) that would be the ones to look for.

Take care you two.

Monique said...

I'm liking the food you're showing on your blog, but I'm also disliking it because it makes me hungry and it's 10:22PM, thus too late for a snack! hehe

K and S said...

thanks Monique :)

take care.

jessiev said...

you make me HUNGRY!! i like these cooler fall days, and the falling leaves. fresh butter i just made. and lots of tomatoes!

K and S said...

Fresh butter and lots of tomatoes sounds really delicious Jessiev :)

Take care.

Emi said...

My husband loves Lipton Apple tea. We couldn't find it anywhere every time we visited Japan. We finally found it at Lawson this summer. If you haven't tried it yet, please try it.

K and S said...

Thanks Emi, I will look for it :)

Take care.