Thursday, September 10, 2009

yano market, kumangai bakery & hanpa mart

Sharing more food finds....there was a major sale on beer...US$.85 a can for Asahi (regular price US$1.15 a can).

We found a tiny shop called Yano Market that had musubi...Satoshi bought these with ume (pickled apricot) US$1.25 for two and I got a l-o-n-g one with hot dog in the center US$1.50.

Red Rooster Beer...this is the local beer made by the Palau Brewing comes in light, amber and dark.

Made with 100% Palau rain water and other natural ingredients, they use no artifical preservatives or flavorings.

While we were there, Satoshi bought a six pack for US$9 (which he drank in 2 days, before lunchtime!!) and I bought 2 bottles (one of Amber and one of Dark) each for US$1.95 (I brought bubble wrap and brought these 2 bottles home and will post about it when we try them).

A tray of sashimi at Hanpa Mart, a Korean market, for US$6.95. Most sashimi in Palau is maguro (tuna/ahi), you will rarely see oilier/fattier grades of fish.

A local bakery, Kumangai Bakery had a display at a market. I picked up this banana bread for US$1.95 and it came in handy for breakfast with some fruits from a fruit platter we received from a hotel. (Thank you!)

During one of our tours, we had bento (boxed meal) by Island Yakiniku...the bento had karaage chicken, kinpira, lumpia, spam, salad and rice....yum!

At DFS (Duty Free Shoppers), there weren't many items "made in Palau", in fact most things were made in China or Hawaii. Luckily we found some locally made tapioca chips and coconut candies as omiyage for Satoshi's staff.

Also during one of our tours, our guide stopped at several roadside stands...there were many with fresh fruits, and also many with foods---like turron (a fried Filipino treat), this one had peanut butter and banana in it...US$.25.

We also found a stand selling homemade banana chips...US$1.50 a package.

One thing I noticed was that whenever they used cabbage or won bok, they served every part of it, including the hard ribbed areas. There weren't many opportunities for fresh leafy salads, only a lot of cooked veggies and not necessarily dark green veggies.

Everything we tried was delicious and portions were very generous. You definitely won't go hungry here.

Yano Market
next door to WCTC Shopping Center
Phone: 680.488.2331

Kumangai Bakery
located in back of WCTC Shopping Center, but sold in most markets
Phone: 680.488.2256

Hanpa Mart
located across from the Palau Hotel
didn't take down the phone number

Island Yakiniku
located across the street from Etpison Museum
Phone: 680.488.4690


genkitummy said...

is the turron like lumpia? with peanut butter and banana? if so, that sounds yummy!

Rick said...

All these photos of the different foods you get to try when you are on trips are driving me crazy!

I'm not sure how many things on my list of "do not eat items" will be on that list forever, but hopefully in a couple of months I'll begin to re-introduce and test some. It's frustrating!

KirkK said...

Wow Kat - That was quite a "food tour"..... it seems that prices in Palau are very reasonable!

K and S said...

yes Genki, like lumpia except with banana and pb in it :)

I hope you will be able to re-connect with some of your favorites when you reintroduce some foods back, Rick :)

Thanks Kirk :) the prices were very reasonable indeed!

Take care everyone.

Rowena... said...

Ok, silly move that I am reading this at 9:30am and haven't even eaten breakfast yet! Everything looks ono, but that turron...I've only ever heard about it, all of it great stuff!

You make me want to go to Palau now...

jalna said...

Kat, I'm very much a snacker, and EVERYTHING looks so good to me!

Barbara said...

What a great holiday you have had Kat. I've enjoyed reading about all the different food you have eaten.

K and S said...

whaa? 9:30 and you haven't had breakfast yet, Rowena? me, I start the day at about 7:00 or sometimes earlier, and I gotta eat as soon as I wake up :0

thanks Jalna :)

thanks Barbara, I hope you are enjoying yourself as well :)

Take care everyone.

Debinhawaii said...

It all looks good--you certainly ate well there! Perfect for vacation.

K and S said...

Thanks Debinhawaii, I'd like to think we tried most local foods (nix the bat soup) ;)

Take care.

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