Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hawaii remembers

The other week, after bringing my Aunty Marian's car down to my Grandma's, I intended to walk home, but instead walked up to meet my mom at the swimming pool, which took about 20 minutes.

With her busy schedule, she swims several times a week, when she has a chance.

It had been ages since I walked around this area.

To get to the pool from my Grandma's, you need to cross a busy road, and this foot bridge helps you cross safely. (top left photo)

I had some time before my mom would come to swim, so I checked out my old Intermediate school. There were some changes to the surroundings, but for the most part, the buildings were the same. (bottom left photo)

This is the pool in which I learned how to swim. There were free swimming programs when I was growing up which taught us how to dive, tread water, etc. I cannot believe that in Japan they have to pay to use the pools, we are truly lucky in Hawaii. (top right photo)

These steps are where I would wait for my mom to pick me up...they seemed W-A-Y bigger back then. (bottom right photo)

Good memories...


Jenster said...

We have to pay to use the pools here, too, even the public ones. Thank goodness we have a lot of lakes, but in the winter, nothing beats going inside to a heated pool, even if you have to pay for it!

Debinhawaii said...

Nice to take a walk and revisit places from your childhood. You are right they do always seem smaller than you remember! ;-)

Rowena... said...

I think because I grew up right across the beach, pools were never my thing (I just couldn't stand the chlorine!). Still, in the days when I was one small keed, we hung out at the pool only because that's where all of the mother's would drop off their kids for "free" babysitting service. I'm sure the lifeguards had something to say about that! LOL!

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - It sounds like your enjoying your time "back home". Everything does seem bigger when you're a kid, doesn't it?

K and S said...

You are right Jenster, it is nice to pay for heated pools in the winter :)

Thanks Debinhawaii:)

You are so lucky Rowena :)

Thanks Kirk, just trying to make the most of it :)

Take care everyone.

Jann said...

yes,some very good memories.We do see things differently as adults.....things seem so large as a child.

K and S said...

Indeed Jann :)

Take care.