Tuesday, November 10, 2009

jalna's sandwich

After reading Jalna's comment..."Cranberry chutney!!! Diamond Head Market and Grill here makes a ham and cheese sandwich. It's just a plain ole ham and cheese sandwich, but what makes it almost magical is the little bit of cranberry chutney that they put inside."

I went out to buy some ham, cheese and bread for lunch.

Instead of getting a processed ham, I bought yakibuta (roast pork), which looks like the ham you bake during the Holidays, only in smaller pieces, and sliced it thin.

I also bought my favorite walnut raisin bread and did end up buying processed cheese slices.

I cut a slice of bread in half and topped one side with two slices of pork and the other side with a slice of cheese then toasted both to heat up the pork and melt the cheese.

After toasting, I added a dollop of cranberry chutney and some leaves of butter lettuce....lunch was served.

The chutney gets heated up too with the heat from the cheese and pork, dripping a bit here and there...It was delicious. Thanks for the idea, Jalna!


Debinhawaii said...

Mmm...looks great! If the cranberry chutney lasts until Thanksgiving it would be good on a turkey sandwich too--maybe with a layer of cream cheese or yogurt cheese too. OK, now I am officially hungry. ;-)

K and S said...

I haven't seen turkey here Debinhawaii, so I usually eat my turkey when I am home :) I think I'm gonna try this with roast chicken next!

Take care.

jalna said...

OMG Kat, you really took it an extra step. That looks and sounds wonderful!

KirkK said...

Woooo, now that sounds like a good sandwich.

Rowena... said...

Cranberry chutney...wow, that just reminded me of a recipe that I used to make at a deli that I worked at. Hmmm...if I remember correctly, it was dried cranberries gently stewed in apricot juice, that's it! I forgot what type of liquor went in to give it that extra touch, but it was something like only a splash. Killer in a turkey sandwich!

K and S said...

Thanks again for the idea Jalna :)

Thanks Kirk :)

ooh that sounds really easy and delicious Rowena :)

Take care everyone!