Saturday, January 16, 2010

my first...

Thank you for all your well wishes. We hope to celebrate this weekend.

I wanted to share with first YouTube video of...flurries!

Compared to all that snow falling all around the world, this was nothing.

We had a teeny flurry "storm" on Wednesday afternoon...yeah yeah shake your heads...I'm crazy to video flurries but what can you expect, I'm from Hawaii??

Hope you are keeping warm!


TigreBlanco said...

I live in Colorado, USA. I think if the flurries were a bit more concentrated, that is exactly how it looks like over here when it snows :).

As opposed to how people imagine Colorado, we don't always get as much snow, in fact sometimes it barely snows, and we end up getting snow in May, can you believe that?!

I enjoy your blog thoroughly, I moused over from Alive in Kyoto because I enjoy learning about Japanese culture. I am Mexican American, and took a semester of Japanese, which according to my sensei I performed excellently. I don't know if that is so, I do know however that I want to continue learning.
I am fairly aware the Japense in Osaka is different than in Kyoto or Tokyo, etc.

I will be honest and say that I am just as interested in Japanese food and this is why your blog is very interesting to me!

Thanks for reading my rant :D.

tinyskillet said...

That's great!!! All the kids at the school I work at were hoping for some snow last week or so, but we never did get it. I guess we were just too close to the Gulf of Mexico. They did get it further north in Florida. We were 30 degrees below our normal average temp.

K and S said...

May? that is crazy Tigre, I wish you luck on your Japanese studies!

30 degrees is quite cold Lyndsey, hope you will be able to at least see some flurries :)

Take care you two.

Kim said...

Very nice, you're starting up a whole series of "Our Adventures in Japan" videos on YouTube, right?
I'll make sure to subscribe. :)

Little snow flurries are better than nothing. Snow flurries were a major news headline when it happened in Florida a couple of weeks ago. You're not crazy. lol

jalna said...

That was so neat!! You know, I've never seen snow flurries in real life. I saw snow on the ground only once in Tahoe. Thanks for the treat.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Yay you got your snow! ;-) Even if it was a small flurry at least it was snow right?!

K and S said...

he he we'll see what I can take with my iPhone Pocky :)

Thanks Jalna, I actually went skiing in Lake Tahoe, THAT was a LOT of snow!

I know it was teeny but still had me jumping up and down like a kid, Debinhawaii :)

Take care everyone!

Deb said...

this hawaii girl understands - when i first saw snow falling in PA, i cried out of happiness and excitement:)

K and S said...

Deb, this morning we had flurries for 5 seconds and Satoshi was rolling his eyes at me. I guess if it continued for weeks on end, the novelty would probably wear off quick ;)

Take care.

Rowena said...

It's a Wonderful Life! (dunno why, but that movie just popped into my head when I saw the snow...errr...flurries). Our weathermen have been getting the forecast all wrong, wrong, wrong. Where is the snow? Only clouds and rain at my house!

Did you buy a video camera?!

K and S said...

Actually it is the video camera built into my iPhone Rowena :) Wednesday the temps are supposed to go up to 17C! then shoot back down :(

Take care.