Thursday, January 28, 2010


I wanted Satoshi to try the kim chee sandwich that I had tried at Tougarashiya the other day, so I made one for him.

When I went to the Co-op, the only kind of white bread they had was this thick sliced type, so I cut this slice in half.

Kim Chee Sandwich serves 1

2 thinly sliced bread
1 egg, scrambled
50 grams kim chee
thinly sliced cucumber
1 tablespoon mayonnaise (or less)
sanchu (korean lettuce)/lettuce

Toast your bread.
Add a half tablespoon (or less) of mayo to each slice of bread.
Add some sanchu (Korean lettuce)/lettuce.
Cook 1 scrambled egg as thin and flat as possible, do not flip egg!
Add some thinly sliced cucumber.
Add about 50 grams of kim chee.
Cut into fourths.


NOTES: I cooked my egg in my tamagoyaki pan (a pan that makes Japanese rolled omlettes), so my egg was longer than the bread, instead of cutting the longer portion off, I folded it over when making the sandwich. This was so easy to make and really quick to put together. I also got the thumbs up from Satoshi. I think the next time I will add some tuna salad...

I wanted to share with you this photo I took with my iPhone on one of my walks...loved the sun beams!


2kamuela47 said...

That sandwich looks good! Love the sunset picture!

Unknown said...

Wow Kat your iPhone photos are the nicest I've ever seen... are the camera specifications the same as the US models?

Maybe it's just the photographer.

K and S said...

Thanks Laura :)

Thanks Rick, I think the camera is the same as the US models. It can't zoom in on anything up close, but in my opinion, takes good pictures from far away.

Take care you two.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo - you could win awards with that. The sandwich looks delish.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Gorgeous IPhone photo--the sun looks so beautiful. Love your sandwich recreation too. ;-)

jalna said...

Wow, that kim chee looks potent. Love your sunset picture. It's beautiful!

K and S said...

aww thanks Momijimitsukoshi :)

Thanks Debinhawaii :)

Looks potent but not really Jalna :)

Take care everyone!

OkiHwn said...

Great picture! Sunset? or sunrise?

K and S said...

Thanks Nate, sunset. Sunrise too early for me :p

Take care.

Rowena said...

Already did grocery shopping yesterday so...I think I'll head off to the kitchen to bake some portuguese sweet bread for this!

K and S said...

man Rowena, homemade sweet bread...ack! now, I gotta go get some brioche for this one :) Hope you like this sandwich!

Take care.

Kim said...

Ooh Kat!! I got myself a jar of Kim Chee this weekend. Guess what I'm having for lunch tomorrow!?! haha!. :)

K and S said...

ooh Pocky! I hope you like it :)

Take care.