Wednesday, January 20, 2010

things I'm enjoying

After seeing Rowena's photo (I thought she blogged about it but I guess I was mistaken), I roamed Carrefour's wine section (while Satoshi was at the movies) and found this.

Cono Sur's 2007 Reserva Carmenere...1180 yen (about US$11.80). This wine was a deep purple, full bodied and was great with a cheese plate (Norwegian Ridder, French Brie, Chaource, 6 month Mimolette & a rolled herb garlic cheese) from Carrefour's deli, as well as some of their paella.

It also went nicely with some Pere olives and leftover pork.

Also at Carrefour, I found this Feodora Chile & Lime bar and only 99 yen (about US$.99).

75% cacao, with a nice lime fragrance and some kick from the chili. This bar had a nice snap too.

These Dark Tim Tams which I received from Tamakikat, which she brought back as omiyage (souvenirs) from her trip home.

They are crisp, chocolatey and delicious (Thank you!)

Lastly, I had been looking for a small cafe bowl to put a little soup in or some salad or even some yogurt for breakfast.

I happened to find these at B-shop in Breeze Breeze. They are made by Apilco, a french tableware maker...1400 yen (about US$14) each.

They are about 11 centimeters (about 4 inches) in diameter and hold about 1/2 cup.

What are you enjoying?


Deb said...

i know that wine. . .i think MIL enjoys it?? you buy it again?

TIM TAMS! once an Aussie friend sent these to a few of us. . . i just loved them and of course couldn't get them so i craved them even more!!

now they sell them at Target and World Market and after over-dosing on them for a month or so, i no longer crave them.

well maybe a little.

islandgirl1223 said...

love the bowls!!

K and S said...

Deb, I have one more of this brand to try. I think you should try the Dark Chocolate Tim Tams again :)

Thanks Islandgirl!

Take care you two.

Kim said...

Chile and Lime chocolate bar and only 99 cents?!? wow

I did some searching online and the best deal I could find was 6 bars for $23 on Amazon, free shipping. Don't know if I can polish off 6 bars. lol

Dennis K. said...

I totally love this series!

Deb in Hawaii said...

OK, I want the bowls! So cute! ;-) The chocolate bar looks pretty interesting too.

Thistlemoon said...

That chocolate bar looks yummy! I finally got to try the chocolate bar w/ bacon that I have been hearing about for over a year now, and I totally enjoyed that!

K and S said...

True 6 is a bit much Pocky :)

Thanks Dennis :)

If you came to Japan, I think we could be dangerous shopping & eating together :)

Better late than never JennDZ :)

Take care everyone!

Rowena said...

Okay, now I'll have to start checking at Carrefour. It's the farthest supermarket from where we're at but if they carry Cono Sur... And now you know the truth on my pics. Sometimes I just don't blog them. I only wanna get them out of my camera! lol ^-^

K and S said...

Ha, I just found out that the company that uses Carrefour's name in Japan will stop soon Rowena, I hope to stock up on wines before they do.

Carrefour is quite far from where we live also. (about 20 minutes by bus)

Take care.