Sunday, January 10, 2010

saigon opera...again

The weather has been nice, mostly sunny, but really cold. I've been waiting to see snow/flurries, but haven't seen any this winter.

Still, you can tell that there is snow up in the mountains because the water comes out of the faucet icy cold.

Sometimes as I am waiting for the water to heat up while washing dishes, I think that my fingers may fall off because the water is so icy!

Yesterday, Satoshi had his German language class, so I followed him to Umeda and we had lunch at Saigon Opera.

On our first visit, they gave us a lunch coupon for 50 yen off (about US$.50) on our next visit.

I ordered the Beef bowl, 976 yen (about US$9.76), this reminded me of beef tomato, a dish that we have in Hawaii. The meat was very tender and there were lots of veggies.

The soup that came with the meal, had huge pieces of veggies in it and was really light in flavor and the salad was like cole slaw with a sweet/sour dressing.

I really enjoyed this set.

Satoshi chose their Seafood Pho, this had a nice light broth with chopped peanuts and lot of seafood...840 yen (about US$8.40)

This came with some really crispy fried wonton and carrot salad.

He really liked his meal.

Total for our meal minus the coupons (we had two)...1716 yen (about US$17.16)

They gave us more coupons on our way out, we'll be back.
(UPDATE: this shop is no longer in business)


jalna said...

That Seafood Pho looks sooo yummy!

Rowena said...

It sounds like a deal of a meal and that Seafood Pho immediately caught my eye. Been craving fish, and in fact, bought a whole carp today! Will cook it tomorrow but wanted to ask....have you eaten carp before? I guess there are some carp farms here (for some reason that sounds odd), as I saw on the info that it was raised (and not caught from somebody's koi pond). Heh heh...

K and S said...

I tasted the broth and it was yummy Jalna :)

Wow a whole carp, will be interesting to see how you cook it. I've never eaten carp before (or not to my knowledge), though I do know that it is served at some Japanese inns and restaurants here.

Take care you two.

Lindsay-Jean said...

I hear you on the cold water! It is so cold that it is really painful!

K and S said...

And in summer the water is so warm, keep warm Linny!

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Yay for coupons! ;-) Both of your meal sets look delicious and perfect to warm you up.

K and S said...

I know Debinhawaii, coupons really help :)

Take care.