Wednesday, April 07, 2010

boulangerie p & b

Awhile back, my friend Kazumi shared a black sesame seed bagel with me.

She didn't know what the name of the bakery was, but she knew where they were located, so the last time we got together for lunch, she took me there.

Unfortunately, by the time we got there (about 15:30), they were sold out for the day.

So, after French class last Tuesday, I caught the subway to Nishiohashi and went to check out Boulangerie P & B.

This tiny, tiny bakery is run by a young couple. The place is so small that when you walk in the door, you are already up against their counter.

Arriving at noon (about 1 hour after their opening time), they had already sold out of their baguette.

I think their items are popular and quantities very (VERY) limited.

I had wanted "pairs" of bagels, but they didn't have any (though I should have asked), so I bought 1 black sesame bagel 200 yen (about US$2), 1 blueberry bagel 150 yen (about US$1.50) & 1 bagel dog 300 yen (about US$3).

The bagel dog is only about 5 inches long, the sausage inside is very thick. The casing of the sausage has a nice snap and there are spices in it that make it quite spicy, leaving a slow burn on and around your mouth. The bagel is nice and chewy.

When I purchased it I thought it might need some type of condiment, but it didn't. The sausage is very flavorful, if not a bit too salty. I would definitely get this again.

The next morning, I was surprised when I sliced the blueberry bagel in half and some cream cheese fell out.

The sesame bagel was smaller but was packed with lots of black sesame seeds.

Both were very good. I liked the nuttiness and chewiness of the black sesame, while Satoshi liked the softer texture of the blueberry bagel.

I wouldn't mind going back to get more bagels and maybe to try some of their other baked items.

Boulangerie P & B
2-6-15 Kitahorie WIN Building 1F
Nishi-ku, Osaka
Phone: 06.6534.2601
Closed Sundays & Mondays
Tuesdays-Fridays: 11:00-18:30 (or until they are sold out)
Saturdays: 11:15-16:00 (or until they are sold out)


Avo said...

Bagel dog? Interesting... Do you think they boiled them with the franks inside?
Looks tasty and sounds affordable too... Around where I live, bagels are a novelty item and you pay ridiculous prices for barely decent bagels.

K said...

I love trying out new bakeries, sounds like you got some great items! That's interesting that the one bagel had chunks of cream cheese in it...hmm.

Thistlemoon said...

Those bagel dogs look so yummy!

K and S said...

I think they may have boiled it with the sausage in there Alesa :)

The cream cheese surprised me K :)

Thanks Jenn, different but delicious :)

Take care everyone!

Unknown said...

I love bakeries & bagels! Just had a cheese one for breakfast this morning.

Rowena said...

Oh...and those spices in the hotdog look yummy too!

Rowena said...

Woohoo! I don't think I've ever been so amped about making a new bagel flavor since the last time I made those furikake-topped ones. That black sesame seed one says make me today!

Token said...

thanks again for that nice post :D I love bagels, too hmmm I hade one for breakfast today *ggg* with sesame, poppy seeds and onion baked in it <3

And I'm just checking up your blogroll and I'm so excited right now! So many fantastic japanese foodblogs!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you!!! :D

KirkK said...

That bagel dog got my stomach a rumblin' this morning.....

K and S said...

love it when the cheese gets crispy Rick :)

ooh can't wait to see those bagels Rowena :)

Thanks Token, a bagel with everything on it sounds delicious!

I thought this might get your attention Kirk :)

Take care everyone!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Loving the bagel dog! ;-)

K and S said...

Was kinda like the Fat Boy, only smaller Debinhawaii ;)

Take care.