Saturday, April 03, 2010

minoo & ikeda

Last Saturday, the weather was semi-perfect. Sunny but the wind was icy.

Satoshi and I walked to Ferdinand and had breakfast, then walked through Suigetsu Park and came home.

Then for lunch, we went up to the area near Minoo station and discovered this park, Ashihara Park. (You would think after living here for nearly 10 years we would've known about this park.)

There was a tiny pony near a person selling flowers and plants and the cherry blossom had started to bloom.

The one thing we noticed was that there were a lot of people fishing at Ashihara Park. (I wonder what they were catching...)

Nearly a week later, we've had some rainy and windy days, many cold days.

Yesterday after the rain stopped, I went out for a walk and found more trees in bloom.

Up near Asahigaoka, which I've posted about before here and here and here, the trees are nearly in full bloom.

I also found a house with a LOT of tulips...beautiful!

Now, if we can only get some sun with this...


Avo said...

Nice photography, as usual.

KirkK said...

More pretty flower photos! Looks soo pretty.

K and S said...

Thank you Alesa :)

Thank you Kirk :) Just waiting for some sun so it will warm up.

Take care you two.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Wonderful picture. Love that little pony--so cute!

K and S said...

not often you get to see ponies Debihawaii ;)

Take care.

moshi mooch said...

The flowers are sooo beautiful! I hope there will be sunshine soon! :)

K and S said...

After I posted this we had two nice days of sun Moshi :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

Cherry, plums, and whatever else fruit trees have already blossomed further down the mountain, but we are still waiting on ours. Amazing what a difference that a few hundred feet in altitude does for us with a shorter growing season. I can't wait for stuff to start showing some color here!

K and S said...

I can't wait to see your garden Rowena :)

Take care.