Thursday, April 22, 2010


It was my first time planting freesia.

Last year, after putting the tiny bulbs into several pots, the plants started off with a lot of leaves.

Then early in the year, there were tiny buds.

Last week, the plants "perked" up...kind like they were standing at attention (ten-hut!).

And the buds looked like they were getting fuller, fatter.

The weather has been teetering between warm and very cold. I was kind of worried that the freesia may not make it.

(We were lucky not to get any snow, unlike some other parts of Japan. In fact, the abnormal snow is creating havoc for farming and making veggies very expensive especially in Tokyo!)

Over the weekend, the temperature got warmer and they started to bloom!

Can you believe that one cutting (I don't know the correct term) of freesia usually goes for about 300 to 400 yen (about US$3-4) at the florists here in Osaka?

I love the fragrance of these blooms, a very sweet fragrance.

So far I've cut 10! and we're enjoying them on our dining table and in the bathroom.

Has it started looking like Spring where you are?

Ooh, and Happy Earth Day!


Unknown said...

Those flowers are lovely! :) Thank you for sharing!

scargosun said...

They are gorgeous! I might have to plant some bulbs in the fall.

jalna said...


Anonymous said...

They're beautiful! You're very clever to grow them on your lanai. Very inspiring!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Beautiful flowers--you do have a green thumb! Maybe you should be selling them to the florists (and buying chocolate with the money of course!) ;-)

K and S said...

Thanks Opy, Scargosun, Jalna, Momiji & Debinhawaii! Happy Earth Day!

Take care.

Rowena said...

Your balcony is looking great! I have never tried planting freesia...and in fact, did not know that they have a nice scent. I imagine that florists shops are big business in Japan? They sure are over here.

K and S said...

They grow kinda like tulips Rowena :) The florists here, they even charge for baby's breath!

Take care.