Saturday, April 10, 2010


People watching especially on the trains can be entertaining. Sometimes though I get irritated by the lack of manners some have...

If you ride the train in Japan, one thing you should try to do is keep your packages on your lap or on the rack up above and not on the seat next to you.

Even if you've bought a lot, there are others that probably would like to sit down.

Plus, sitting is safer than standing.

If you ride the train in Japan, please put your "face" on before boarding the train. I know we Americans do this while driving in our cars during morning rush hour, but when you're on public transportation...we're face to face.

Though it is pretty interesting to watch you use 4 different types of mascara during a 15 minute ride and I often wonder how long it will take you to take all the mascara off at the end of the day.

Or the guy who concentrates on zhooshing his hair, which no matter how much he touches it, still looks like he's just woken up.

Sometimes while people watching, you come across some interesting fashion choices...

If you're a guy, I think you should know that M.C. Hammer went out with the 90' why would you want to dress like him now??

I just can't understand how comfortable it is to have your crotch hang by your knees.

And even if plaid is in, why would you want to wear all of them together??

Oh and leggings and skirts are apparently in for guys too...

(this skirt photo is from the internet).

While I don't knock men who wear kilts, when your "skirts" are from a shop called "cross gender" but you profess that you aren't...

I caught this guy crossing his legs on the train and could only think of one thing....ow!

People, yeah??


scargosun said...

The legs thing totally creeped me out. The makeup thing is something I think we are seeing everywhere. People spreading out their personal space. I mean look, they even have those little disposable toothbrushes now that you can use if the mood strikes a club or restaurant. Wha? indeed. ;)

Token said...

ha ha that photo with the feet-crossing-guy is the best *ggg* Maybe he just wanted to got to the toilet? But there is someone in it? Or he his a yoga-master :p

Jonathan said...

Great post thanks! Just the other day I saw someone reapplying her 6 color layers of eye shadow on the train at 11:45pm on a wednesday and she was not dressed for clubbing, more like headeding home, so why put on more makeup in front of everyone?

KirkK said...

LOL Kat! It's amazing what people do while commuting from place to place..... you should see what folks try to do while driving on the freeway here!

Tamara Marnell said...

I was once seated directly across from a girl putting on her makeup on the bus. She actually curled her eyelashes after putting on like ten layers of foundation and liner. It was a very bumpy bus, so I must commend her for pulling it off without blinding herself.

jalna said...


Anonymous said...

LOL! Fun post. A lot of this happens on NYC subways, too. ;-)


Tracy - A Maui Mommy said...

I love people watching in Japan. The people there do such interesting things.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Fun pictures! You are good at stealth photos with that iPhone. ;-)

K and S said...

whoa! disposable toothbrushes?? interesting stuff scargosun!

that is funny Token :)

unbelievable Jonathan, wish I had seen that :)

I think I may be scared to see what they do on the freeway Kirk :0

Tamara, or pulling out her eyelashes! :)

Jalna, fun right??

Amazing isn't it Paz??

Fun indeed Tracy :)

Debinhawaii, Satoshi warned me not to get in trouble taking photos ;)

Take care everyone!

Unknown said...

This is hilarious. I enjoy your occasional rants & culture shock experiences.

K and S said...

glad you enjoyed it Rick :)

Take care.

Admin said...

It's really entertaining, Kat. Fashion statements like those will either be a hit or a total miss, there are lots of trend setters there. I am just wondering, do these people also get a surprised look from other natives? Or the Japanese are already so used to them, they would just ignore them?

Blue Lotus said...

Cute post! A few years ago a young lady on the train would not stop staring at me, and the usual tricks (returning eye contact, smiling etc) just wouldn't make her stop. So I pulled out my phone and took her picture. It didn't make her stop staring, but since then I've been snapping pictures of rude or weird people on the train. Very satisfying and now you've inspired me to post them on my blog. Thanks!

K and S said...

I think a lot of people still get surprised by these fashion statements Mikuru, but they try not to show it :)

Can't wait to see your post Blue Lotus :)

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

Compared to Japan, Italy has nothing on what you see on trains. As for the fashion thing....I can't stand the full-on gold or silver sequined tennies. YUK!

K and S said...

ooh that WOULD be something to see Rowena :)

Take care.