Saturday, April 17, 2010

mini macs

Last month, when we got together for FIL's memorial service.

We received a box of sweets from MIL as a "thank you".

Inside, were these coffee flavored macaron outsides.

They were quite teeny. Mini macs if you will.

Maybe an inch in diameter.

I melted some dark chocolate and tried putting them in the middle.

Because the chocolate was thin and liquidy, it didn't have that "umph" factor.

And with the mac outsides being coffee, the whole thing was quite bitter.

So, I scooped some peanut butter chocolate spread that I had in my refridge.

And voila! A mini macaron.

The outside of the macaron was crispy though I am more used to the chewy type.

We'll be enjoying these for awhile.


Avo said...

You could thicken your chocolate with butter, as if you were making butter frosting... Oh right expensive butter.
You could whip up some mousse.

It looks like you've got it covered... With peanut butter. Bon-appetit.

scargosun said...

Yummy! PB and/or chocolate, always a good thing.

jalna said...


Tracie Tsuneya said...

So tiny and cute! I love sweets.
My japanese aunt sent me treats quite similar to those before.

K and S said...

Thanks Alesa :)

Thanks Scargosun :)

Jalna, Aren't they?

Were they chewy or crispy, Tracy?

Take care everyone!

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I miss Japan! :(

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Unknown said...

yumm that looks good!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Liking the mini macs and you can't go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter. ;-)

Jann said...

see what can happen when you are so creative!!

Rowena said...

You definitely aren't kidding about the tiny size. Like little mini shots of caffeine in one bite!

K and S said...

Hope you can come back soon BVRS!

Thanks Rick, they are :)

So true Debinhawaii :)

aw thanks Jann :)

Thanks Rowena, they are quite bitter :)

Take care everyone!

genkitummy said...

the mini macarons are so cute!

K and S said...

Thanks Genki :)

Take care.