Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hawaii culture

Satoshi and I checked out the Greek Festival on Sunday. This was the first time for both of us.

After paying the $3 admission, we checked out the various food booths.

At 13:00 (an hour after opening time), some had "sold out" signs.

The line for desserts was long.

As Satoshi and I checked out what was to be had, we stood in line for souvlaki, which are kebabs.

While standing in line to get the souvlaki, we debated as whether to buy loukoumades (greek donuts) or ouzo sorbet at the vendor standing next to the kebabs. In the end ouzo sorbet won....$4

It was our first time trying ouzo, an anise alcohol which is widely consumed in Greece. We loved that it was cold, especially on the humid and hot day that Sunday was.

I then left Satoshi to stand in the souvlaki line, giving him instructions as to what to get (1 pita, 1 pork & 1 beef =$9), while I hurried to stand in line at the desserts.

The line for the desserts were long and as we waited, Satoshi and I ate our souvlaki, the pork and beef were tender and very flavorful, the pita bread, very soft and tasty.

Still standing the dessert line, we finished the sorbet and souvlaki, then I sent Satoshi to the greek salad area to buy some dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves).

By the time it was my turn to purchase some desserts, I found out that most everything on their menu had sold out the day before.

Slightly in shock that most things had sold out, I picked up a melomacarona (vegan spice cookie), kourabiethes (almond butter cookie with powdered sugar) and baklava (classic walnut)--$3.75 (total).

The dolmathes were on the sour side but delicious especially with the yogurt sauce and pita.

The desserts were delicious, not too sweet. My favorite was the Kourabiethes because it reminded me of Russian Tea Cookies/Melting Moments.

As we sat, we debated as to whether we should try the Greek beer or greek coffee.

Coffee won but we were totally disappointed...I imagine drinking sweetened dirt to be something similar?? The coffee was hot, thick and murky.

On top of that it was overly sweet....$2

I bought their "Frappe" $3...but upon waiting for my drink, overheard how they made it....instant coffee, condensed milk, a little water then whip it...blah...this was an iced version of sweetened dirt.

I know you shouldn't say anything if you've nothing good to say and usually don't say "bad things" on this blog, but these two items were really awful.

In the end, we tried their Greek beer, Hillas...$6, a light lager beer. Really refreshing on a hot day.

All in all, we spent close to $40, it was still a good experience. And for the most part, we enjoyed the food we tried.

I hope this festival continues, I've heard that this may be the last year as the "aunties" preparing the food are getting up there in years.

Before leaving the town area, we checked out Satoshi's favorite view spot from Puu Ualakaa Park.


Jude said...

This sounds pretty good - I always liked the variety of food fests there (but never timed it right with my visits) - great view too!

Deb in Hawaii said...

I never seem to quite make it to the Greek Festival. I'm glad most of your food was good. ;-) And it sounds like you and Satoshi are having fun.

Rowena said...

I'm shocked about the running out of items as well. And the coffee! Really appreciate you checking this out Kat. I've looked at the website all these years and thought wow...must be a great event, but never read anyone's post regarding it. Did they have greek dancing with traditional costumes?

jalna said...

I've never made it to the Greek Festival either. I give you credit for waiting in those lines. Your food looked really good!

K and S said...

I hear the Okinawan Festival is this weekend Jude, hope to get a chance to check it out.

I'm glad we were able to try some of their food Debinhawaii, got me worried when I saw all those "sold out" signs!

No traditional costumes Rowena, but lots of dancing.

It was worth the experience Jalna :)

Take care everyone.

Barbara said...

It must be a worldwide Greek festival fault.Here the queues are always long. I've never experienced them running out of food though. My son's fiancee is Greek and she recently gave me a packet of Greek coffee. I still haven't tried it yet.

K and S said...

oh I hope that coffee you received is better than the one we tried Barbara!

Take care.