Saturday, August 28, 2010

t.a.s.t.e. & cake works

The lunch wagon is not something new in Hawaii. Recently though, there are taco trucks popping up here and there.

I think I mentioned that I had planned to check out one with Deb, but since that one was out of business (or so it seems on Twitter), we instead planned to check out one called T.A.S.T.E.

T.A.S.T.E. stands for Tasty Asian Style Taco Eatery. Asian style food items served on 6-inch tortillas. (Apparently, this is all the rage in L.A. at the moment. (The Kogi trucks))

Anyway, this truck has 5 regular items on the menu and a daily special (unfortunately at 11:30 am the special was already sold out!).

Each taco is either $2.75 or $3.25 and served with a nice amount of slaw on top, (which does not make them too blog photo friendly (because they all look alike)).

Deb and I ordered 2 each and shared.

Deb was also kind enough to email the menu (Thanks!)...

Ribeye with kalbi marinade and wasabi dressing ($2.75)--this was very flavorful and matched the wasabi dressing and slaw...sweet, salty and a hit from the wasabi

Mahimahi with green onion ginger sauce & miso dressing ($3.25)--moist mahimahi served with the slaw, sauce and dressing, very tasty! kind of reminded me of the cold ginger chicken at chinese restaurants in a good way

Shrimp with wasabi honey mayo& wafu (Japanese style) dressing ($3.25)--loved the sauce but thought the shrimp should've been marinated or something.

Homemade charsiu with shoyu aioli & Hoisin vinaigrette ($2.75)--nice 5-spice taste, very meaty.

Just the right amount for lunch. A bit messy, definitely not something to eat while driving around.

We noticed that the majority of customers were guys. (though I think they'd have to at least eat 3 or 4!)

I would definitely go back, these tacos are reasonable (by Hawaii standards) and very tasty.

Wanting something a little sweet after lunch, Deb introduced me to Cake Works.

This bakery is in the spot where Mary Catherine's cake shop used to be. (I was shocked because MC used to be there forever!)

They mainly specialize in wedding and celebration cakes, but do have lots of other goodies there too.

Another nice thing was that they also had a little eating area right in front of the shop.

I tried their mini red velvet and mini peanut butter cupcake...$1.25 each

So moist and delicious, even with it being in the refrigerated case! The red velvet had cream cheese frosting and the peanut butter frosting was so light and creamy.

I would definitely go back for some sweet treats!

It was nice to see Deb again and to try two new places.

Satoshi is coming soon so there will definitely be more eating for another week or so.

MIL was supposed to come too but decided not to, it's too bad because everyone was looking forward to seeing her.

T.A.S.T.E. UPDATE: closed as of 2011
2012 S. Beretania St (inside the parking lot of Ocean Sports Bar)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.429.0818
Open Mondays-Saturdays 11:00-14:00 & 17:30-20:00

Cake Works
2820 S. King Street (across from Humane Society)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.946.4333


Jude said...

Ooo, these sound reaaaally good. That mahimahi and charsiu description was D-lish! (Oh, and unless it's a moist cupcake, it might as well not even be a cupcake! :)) Thanks again for the recs!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Yay! Great post. I had fun and want another charsiu taco. ;-) I am now inspired to make my own fusion tacos.
Thanks for hanging out. I look forward to your next visit!

Rowena said...

Awesome grindz Kat. It'll be a sad day when you have to leave.

2kamuela47 said...

sounds like a wonderful lunch. love cake works especially the red velvet cupcakes.

K said...

Yum- Mexi-Asian tacos and cupcakes sounds like a great day :o) I've never tried the Kogi truck, I definitely want to eventually!

KirkK said...

Charsiu Taco..... now that inspires me to try and make some! These boutique trucks may be just a fad.... but lunchwagaons are forever.

K and S said...

thanks Jude, I really drooled over your post today too :)

yes the charsiu was so good Debinhawaii, I too want to try my hand at making some.

Me too Rowena, I'll be sad too.

Aren't they good Laura??

I would like to try food from a Kogi truck too K!

I hope you make a tasty one Kirk, I know you will :)

Take care everyone!

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to trying those tacos!

K and S said...

Will be looking forward to see what you think, Rick :)

Take care.