Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hawaii "farms"

This is what happens when you dig a hole and throw in a pile of seeds from your morning papaya.

We need to weed out some of the seedlings but are excited to see what kind of papaya we will get.

Check back in 2 years.

UPDATE: After my grandma, who is the expert "farmer" in our family, saw my bazillion papaya seedlings all clumped together, she dug them up immediately and planted one in each of these 4 pots.

Hopefully two will take so that we can plant them....okay, now check back in 2 years...

On another note...remember that bunny? Well, in the past couple of weeks it escaped and then was found.

His owners put him into their parakeet cage where he was separated from the rest of his friends.

In the meantime, the brown silkie bantam laid an egg and takes turns with the goose to keep it warm. (they have a LOT of animals!)

The exiled bunny was recently spotted a couple feet up on top of the parakeet's birdhouses inside the parakeet cage (can bunnies fly??!).

I love walking past this house, you just never know what you will see.


KirkK said...

Hey Kat - Many things don't grow real well here in San Diego, so it's made me appreciate how fruitful Hawaii is.

Jude said...

So funny, I love that you've got such an adventuresome house to walk past! (And the papaya thing is cool - so great you grow-your-own!)

Kelly said...

Hi Kat! I haven't been here in a while and I like the new look of the blog. :)

Good luck with those papaya - I love it when things you can eat grow spontaneously, hehe!

Take Care!

K and S said...

I wish we had more space to grow stuff in Japan Kirk :)

Thanks Jude! keeps the walks fun!

I hope the papaya grows Biologie :)

Take care everyone!

Deb in Hawaii said...

How fun--I'll have to try growing some seeds from my next papaya. ;-)
Still loving that bunny!

Rowena said...

This felt so whimsical while reading it that I can only imagine how FUNNY it was to see a bunny on top of a parakeet house. I look forward to the papaya chronicles -- I don't believe I've ever started one from seed in my entire life, but all of a sudden I'm reminded of papaya seed dressing.

K and S said...

You should definitely try it Debinhawaii :)

ooh, papaya seed dressing, now that is something I haven't had in awhile Rowena :)

Take care you two.