Tuesday, April 26, 2011

rolled or stuffed?

In Japan, this dish is called "roll cabbage".

In Hawaii, it is called "stuffed cabbage".

Since spring cabbage is in season now, I made this for dinner the other night.

Only problem was that I only had 1/4 a head of cabbage, making for weird pieces of cabbage to "stuff".

I washed the cabbage, then nuked it for a minute and a half.

Then, I made the filling...

135 grams ground beef
1/2 carrot, minced
1/4 onion, minced
1/4 zucchini, minced
1 eringi, minced
1 egg

For the sauce:
3 cups water
1 consomme cube
1 tablespoon canned diced tomatoes
salt & pepper

I "rolled" the filling into the pieces of cabbage that I could and ended up with 8 "rolls".

I say "rolls" because the pieces of cabbage weren't large enough to totally wrap the filling properly.

Then I put them in a frying pan with the water & consomme cube.
When the liquid came to a boil, I skimmed off the scum and added the tablespoon of canned diced tomatoes, then skimmed more scum off.

I let it cook on medium for a total of 15 minutes with a lid on the pan.

Halfway through the 15 minutes, I turned them over carefully with tongs.

When the 15 minutes were up, I left the lid on and turned off the heat.

I served this with rice on the side.

This was delicious and perfect for the weird cold weather we've been having the past couple of days.

With the other 4 rolls, I've got enough for another dinner...woot!

What have you been having for dinner lately?


Kathy YL Chan said...

Ahh what a good idea! I eat this a lot, but it never occurred to me to make it myself...considered it added to the dinner to-make list! :)

K and S said...

You should definitely try making these Kathy, so easy :)

Take care.

Kim said...

Looks delicious. I love stuffed cabbage. I need to try making it soon.

Japan Australia said...

I remember this dish in Japan and it was one of my favourites. I really like the tomato consomme sauce that goes with the roll cabbage. I've been enjoying Yakisoba (Japanese stir-fry noodles) a lot recently. I guess it is the season with the Spring festivals.

Japan Australia

K and S said...

I hope you try Kim, they are easy to make.

Yakisoba is yummy J-A

Take care you two.

Nami @ Just One Cookbook said...

Oh really, I didn't know you guys call it Stuffed Cabbage in Hawaii. You cook very delicious food everyday Kat. Satoshi-san comes home early? I know Japanese men work very late... and usually husband eats dinner after 10 or even midnight. My friends' husbands (some of them) are like that....

manju said...

Def one of our favorites too -- I add cold rice to the stuffing mix and it absorbs a lot of the sauce as it cooks and draws it into the middle of the stuffing. Stay warm!

K and S said...

no Satoshi doesn't come home early Nami, most nights he only gets to eat okazu w/o rice because his family has diabetes so I try to cut back carbs when he comes home late.

ooh rice to the stuffing, that sounds like a good way to use up rice too Manju :)

Take care you two.

Dennis K. said...

Looks great Kat! I'm used to calling it roll cabbage myself. Always better the next day! :)

Rowena said...

I made these for MotH one day and he was like...so surprised that you could put stuff inside a cabbage leaf and it tastes soooo good. This was on the kitchen table a lot while I was growing up!

Tonight will be more vegs....we overdid it on the sweets and meat dishes over the weekend.

K and S said...

Thanks Dennis, they were good the next day :)

Our table too Rowena, except my mom would hold it all together with toothpicks. Had to be careful when eating...hope you post weekend pics :)

Take care you two.

Jessica | Cajunlicious said...

Love this!!! Just came across your wonderful blog on foodbuzz & am a new follower!
- Jessica @ http://cajunlicious.com

K and S said...

Thanks Cajunlicious!

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Perfect comfort food! My mom used to make a version of stuffed cabbage that I liked. Don't know why I don't make it more myself. ;-)

K and S said...

you should try making some then Deb in Hawaii, or ask her to make you some when she visits you :)

Take care.