Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sakura walk

Sunday, Satoshi had something to do, so afterwards we met up near his appointment which was close to Osaka Castle.

I had been here two years ago to see the blossoms with visiting friends, but it had been several years since Satoshi and I had seen the blossoms together in this area.

One of the main reasons we don't come to this area is there are just too many people during this time of year.

The atmosphere is like one big college party, lots of drinking, eating, chatter. Most times you see people sick as dogs from drinking too much, how can that be fun?!

No one really enjoying the blooms, just enjoying the booze.

I also shake my head at those who bring their grills when there are signs specifically saying "no grills".

The peach garden on the grounds were in full bloom too.

Many people who couldn't get a spot under the cherry trees were partying in this area.

From Osaka Castle, we walked to an area called Sakuranomiya.

Sakura trees run along both sides of the Ogawa (big river).

By the time we got to this area, the sun was setting and it was also overcast.

It was still nice to see so many trees in bloom.

Lots of walking and more bonding with nature.

p.s. I've uploaded some videos of the day here, here, here, and a neat water clock in Osaka here.


Rowena said...

I would've been really shocked to see the drinkers in a place that seems so peaceful. Still, it is just amazing to see so many cherry trees in bloom.

K and S said...

It is the main reason we don't go to see a lot of these popular spots, just too many people ruining the mood, Rowena.

Take care.

Japan Australia said...

I always love seeing the cherry blossoms next to a castle in Japan. It is just such a great view. Got to take a bit of care cause some of those hanami parties can get a bit noisy.

Japan Australia

Unknown said...

The trees are so lovely!
But yes, the party scene can get a bit much.
I wandered through a blooming apple orchard yesterday. But it was out in the country--I was the only one there :-)

Nami @ Just One Cookbook said...

I know... I hate those drunk people (柄が悪い人). I think Japanese people enjoy an event like this and take an advantage of having "party" because they don't have a big space to host a party at home or restaurants... Whenever I look at Ohanami party, I feel like it's way too crowded with people but I realize there's no other option either. Your pictures of Sakura are so beautiful Kat! Thanks for sharing!

Egg104 said...

I want to see cherry blossoms in Japan one day! For now I love seeing your photos!! :)

K and S said...

So true J-A!

A blooming apple orchard all to yourself sounds wonderful Tea's.

I worry about the roots of the trees Nami, I hear if people step on them, they are "killing" the trees :(

I hope you get a chance to go to Japan Egg104 :)

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - Beautiful trees and bolossoms and folks just drinking and ingoring them. That's too bad.

K and S said...

too bad for them Kirk :) more for us to look at.

Take care.

Nami @ Just One Cookbook said...

Really? :-( I just hope that a few days of stepping on the roots won't hurt them. But again, we've been having Ohanami for a long long time, yet every year the trees blooms. Hope they are strong and let us enjoy looking at the beautiful sakura as long as we are nice to them. We take things for granted and we definitely need to appreciate more.

K and S said...

I hope they will continue to be strong too Nami!

Take care.