Monday, June 27, 2011

hawaii celebrates

Hawaii's graduation season is in full force. One of my cousins just graduated so I was lucky to be able to celebrate with her, some of her family and friends.

Sitting on the edge of Kaneohe Bay is the yacht club, it was my first time here and it is a beautiful place.

For pupus (appetizers) we had poke (po-kay) tuna seasoned with ogo (a type of seaweed), onions, shoyu, sesame oil and chili...delish.

And then there was the buffet many things to eat, not enough space on the plate!

You should have seen the roast beef that they were carving from...HUGE!

And rounding out the event, a beautiful sunset...Congratulations A!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so delicious! Yum!!!


KirkK said...

Looks delish Kat! I really do miss those parties back home.

Japan Australia said...

The buffet sounds good and what a fantastic sunset!!

Japan Australia

Tamakikat said...

Looks so good Kat. It has made me hungry for sushi however I'll settle for the lamb stirfry I have planned for lunch happy with the knowledge that I have a sushi fest planned with my Japanofile neighbor for later in my stay:)

K said...

Looks delicious! Congratulations to your cousin!

K and S said...

thanks Sandy!

Yeah Kirk, I guess they would be a little different from the ones on the mainland, yeah??

Thanks J-A!

ooh sushi fest sounds nice TK!

Thanks K!

Take care everyone.

myFudo said...

I really miss vacationing with my folks in Hawaii, when I was a young child, they soon got their first 48 footer (mini yacht) and named it Makai (too the see) that was on their 10th wedding anniversary I think. Such fun memories I have.

I miss Ube though, a lot. I remember being able to buy it really easily, I really want to go surfing with my dad but I doubt I could stand up for more than a minute.

Rowena said...

Let the eating begin! I miss Hawaii graduation parties.

K and S said...

I hope you get a chance to visit soon, MyFudo!

It had been ages since I'd gone to one Rowena!

Take care you two.

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Oh my gosh, the last shot is soooo beautiful Kat!!!! All the food looks delicious and it's fun to see what you are eating!

Deb in Hawaii said...

That sunset is incredible--beautiful photo! ;-)

K and S said...

Thanks Nami!

Thanks Deb in Hawaii!

Take care you two.

moshi mooch said...

Wow! Gorgeous sunset! Have fun Kat!

K and S said...

Thanks Moshi :)

Take care.