Thursday, June 23, 2011

things I'm liking (disliking)

Some random items...

I am kinda liking kinda disliking this wine by Montes...I forget what magazine I read about it in, but it was supposedly perfect for summer.

It was kinda too dry for my liking.

I'm liking Tully's tapioca coconut tapioca, lightly sweetened coconut milk and perfect on a humid day.

Their soy & wheat waffle cookies were crumbly a bit stale!

I actually had this drink another time sans the cookies...yum!

Bel Amer's mendiants...dark chocolate with all sorts of goodies on top....mmm!

A friend gave me this dark one and a white one. I gave the white one (which had a candied orange slice on top) to Satoshi....thank you!

I used the last summer roll wrappers to make lunch...ham, cheese, lettuce and some red roasted bell pepper cream cheese easy and so good!

Tea time at Kitahama Retro...I recently tried their scones with Tamakikat.

The ginger scone was better than the earl grey scone but both were good with the creamed butter.

Disliking this kemushi (literally hairy bug), it is the caterpillar of an Indian Fritillary.

In Japan, you see a lot of these during Spring and beginning of Summer.

Don't touch them though, they apparently have quills that make you itch and swell.

The chocolate coconut macaron at Starbucks is deliciously coconutty.

I probably would call it a macaroon more than a macaron though. I think they should have added a wee bit more chocolate too.

Caught a glimpse of this Mini wagon in our neighborhood, luckily my finger didn't ruin the whole shot.

I recently tried this...Gari-gari kun..."gari-gari" is the onomatopoetic sound when you eat one of these ice bars...this was perfect on a humid night.

Oh and afterwards, check the stick, if something is written on it, chances are you've won something...unfortunately I didn't with this bar.

I'm off to Hawaii today looking forward to spending time with my parents, grandma, friends and to you from the other side of the world!


KirkK said...

What a pretty catepillar photo Kat!

Deb in Hawaii said...

I'm liking the mendiants--they look yummy. Can't wait to see you "on the rock." ;-)

K said...

I hope you have a great time in Hawaii!

Rowena said...

Have a bowl of saimin for me will you?

jalna said...

Awwww, I was thinking that waffle cookie looked good. Too bad. So neat that caterpillar. . . but I'd probably freak if I ever saw it. Have a safe trip!

Japan Australia said...

One of my favourite places in Japan is Tully's we love all the different coffees they come out with.

Hope you have a great time in Hawaii.

Japan Australia

Anonymous said...

I am a huge, huge fan of coconut, I have a Tully's right around the corner, what a bummer on Starbucks though, when you mentioned scones, my mind runs to drown them in clotted cream.

I ate two ice cups tonight after my working out, and I must have sweat puddles, HUMID as heck, I only lasted 15 without air-con during my work out, I couldn't take it anymore so I turned it on. I used to think Florida was the hottest and humid place I've ever been to, then I came to Japan.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a nice flight. 8 hours, right? Have a great time in Hawaii, my favorite place on the Earth. :))


K and S said...

Thanks Kirk! glad you like it.

Can't wait to see you too Deb in Hawaii!

Thanks K, I will.

I will Rowena.

Jalna, if I saw it in Hawaii I would freak.

Thanks J-A

Ah yes Elle Marie, I remember when they said it was hotter in Osaka than Bangkok...eep! Stay hydrated!

Thanks Sandy!

Take care everyone!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your list. Have a fun and safe trip.

K and S said...

Thanks Paz :)

Take care.

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Kemushi is my worst fear. I used to live in an apartment where cherry trees are everywhere around. Imagine in spring... tons of kemushi dropped on the street, and I really had no where to walk through. That experience/image can't be erased in my brain... kowai.

K and S said...

yikes that sounds like a lot of kemushi, Nami!

Take care.