Tuesday, June 14, 2011

on a walk (or two)

Sharing some shots from a couple of walks...

A tiny ladybug...spotted on a mint leaf. Don't see many ladybugs around here, so was excited to see one.

Huge bullfrog, this guy was croaking really loudly.

When he spotted us on the bridge from down below he stopped.

The shobu (iris) are in bloom now at Suigetsu Park.

We love this park, so relaxing.

Caught this guy relaxing with his dog.

(I actually only noticed the dog after while looking through the photos).

You see many "dead umbrellas" after a storm, especially if it is windy.

People, you should take care of your "dead umbrella" instead of leaving it for someone else to pick up...

Also in bloom are the ajisai or hydrangea.

There are different varieties and you can see them in yards and in many parks.

An upclose shot of the shobu (iris) at Suigetsu Park.

Oh, and the other day on the way to the market, there was a 2 foot snake in the stream next to our apartment...eep! A man in our neighborhood was sweeping and picking up rubbish when he spotted it.

I saw him looking at something in the stream and went over to check it out...and saw the thing "swimming"...yikes!

And I spotted this goya plant peeking out yesterday morning on the lanai...crossing fingers for some bigger goya this year.

What have you been seeing on your walks?


jalna said...

So pretty da flowers! And I love the ladybug shot.

Rowena said...

It was great "going on a walk" with you. Crossing fingers that it'll be sunny tomorrow so we can get out too.

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna, my first shot was super blurry but I'm glad this one came out nicely.

Thanks Rowena, sending some sunshine your way :)

Take care you two.

Japan Australia said...

Amazing some of the things you can spot out on a walk.

Japan Australia

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

You found the frog easily? My kids just learned about frog and they are looking for it. It's so hard to find here as we drive to everywhere and we don't really look around when we walk.... Grrr.. Maybe I'll show them your picture! LOL.

K and S said...

Thanks J-A!

Next time you come to Japan, Nami, we can walk around my neighborhood to look for frogs :)

Take care you two.

Lucas Kain said...

Oh wow. Very very nice pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. And, it is probably not the place to say it, but I love frogs. :)

International calls

K and S said...

Thanks for stopping by Jimmy!

Take care.

Kirk said...

Love the photos as usual Kat! Thanks for sharing.

Dewi said...

I'm very curious about that Goya plant.

K and S said...

aw thanks Kirk :)

it is pretty easy to grow Elra, it needs lots of water and sun, not a lot of cold temps :)

Take care you two.

Anonymous said...

I've been walking in malls and downtown recently, so I haven't see much but a pavement, I did step in dog poo wearing my JC shoes...ugh it figures the day I break out the heels.

K and S said...

eww! that is not good Elle Marie, I saw the postman rubbing his shoes on the sidewalk, I think he encountered something similar.

Take care.