Tuesday, December 06, 2011

it's been a year?

gmh3 It had been a little over a year since my last physical check-up, which I wrote about here.

This year, I have no idea what Satoshi checked-off for my exams, but there was more things involved this year...

Besides the usual pee test and blood test, 2 days prior to my check-up I needed to provide samples for poop tests.

First time ever for me to do that...eep!

Another first was the chest x-ray and barium test...blah!

For the barium test, they make you drink a powder and then a shot of something and the powder turns to fizz..swallow quickly or you will gag!

Then take the barium...

The technician was excited to hear that it was the very first time for me to take the exam.

They put you on a table that is perpendicular to the floor and then the table brings you parallel to the floor and then at one point I was nearly upside down...oh, but the hardest part was flipping myself over to the doctor's commands (And I thought the machine would do all the work?!)

I'm glad I didn't throw up with all that movement.

After all the tests were done, they gave me two pills to take later to induce BM.

Then I had to go to another clinic for my pap smear.

The receptionist at the hospital says, "before you leave, you should take the pills now, so you won't forget"...um, if I take them now, I may need to use the bathroom by the time I reach the clinic...I told her instead, "don't worry, I won't forget!"

The last time, they shuttled me to the clinic for the pap smear but I guess that wasn't included this year, so I had to catch the train to the next station over.

So, it'll be another couple weeks before I get the results, in the meantime, I can't wait to eat!

UPDATE: mid-afternoon I get a call from Satoshi...the hospital called him and said that the poop tests weren't part of the check-up, can they just throw out the specimens?! or would we be willing to pay extra to have them analyze it?! WT?!

Satoshi was kinda pissed because it was their internal mistake and told them, if it wasn't part of the check-up then why did they send us the materials to take the test?! In the end, he said he demanded they analyze it at no cost...


Barbara said...

Oh what a day Kat. I hate some of the stuff I have to drink for my CT scans. Hope all are okay.

Rona Y said...

The dreaded poop test! That was the worst of all the tests!

I used to like the barium thing--it was always a challenge for me to hear what the technician person was saying, so sometimes I'd turn the wrong way. To top it off, all our x-rays and machine-based tests were done in this little trailers that they'd bring onto campus. Great fun! Don't be surprised if you have white chalky poop for a day or two. . . side effect from the barium.

K said...

What a day!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

You took the barium... I have never done that but I'm scared! Well we do what we have to do to keep our health... but still...

By the way, I wrote a holiday card and I will mail it soon! :-) I've been so busy but I'm glad I made it before my vacation. :-)

Japan Australia said...

What a day you've had and doesn't sound like fun at all. Reminds me, I need to book my yearly check-up soon :(

Japan Australia

K and S said...

hope so too Barbara :)

Rona, could someone have told me I had a barium mustache afterwards though...sigh!

indeed K!

hopefully you'll never have to take the barium Nami!

Take care everyone!

Lizzy said...

Oh, my gosh, you certainly had a complete work up!!! Yeah, that barium is nasty stuff...and it can clog you up badly! Hope you get all good results :)

K and S said...

hope your test go well, J-A!

Thanks for the advice Lizzy :)

Take care you two.

Rowena... said...

I think I'm going to upchuck after reading your experience. OMIGOD! Atleast you do exams...me...pfffft! Does Satoshi take physical exams every year too?

Paz said...

WOW! What a physical exam experience. I've been slowly seeing my doctors. Appointments are all over the place. I'm sure you're nice and healthy. So, it's all good.

K and S said...

Satoshi does, his company pays for them Rowena. I only went because his company paid for most of the exams. I had to pay for the "women" tests...

Glad you're getting around to your tests Paz, all the best to you too.

Take care you two.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Sounds like quite the fun day. ;-) Good for you for getting it all done.

K and S said...

LOTS of fun ;) Deb

Take care.