Thursday, December 22, 2011

maguro soboro

maguro (2) The other day, I was at the market, looking for something extra for our rice.

I was about to pick up a jar of flaked salmon, but right next to it was flaked maguro (tuna), so I purchased it instead....398 yen.

maguro The maguro was tender, flavored with soy and sugar.

Perfect on rice and delicious on omlettes too.

If you're interested in making your own, here's a recipe I tried for a salmon version.

p.s. I got back the results of my physical, my cholesterol is still high, though it went down about 20 points (the good cholesterol is still high) and my triglyceride count went down a couple of points too.

Still have lots of work to do, hopefully my stats will get better by the next one.


CAB said...

The maguro over rice sounds really good right now. Congrats on getting your cholesterol down by 20. That's huge!

Dennis K. said...

Mmm. I'm not sure if it was a local thing but the Kozou Zushi in Okinawa had this in when you got the tekka maki.

jalna said...

My cholesterol is small-kine high too. It's not from eating too much meat . . . don't really care for it. But maaaaaybe it's from eating too much pastry . . . just maybe.

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - That does look delicious!

K and S said...

Thanks CAB!

that sounds good Dennis!

maybe Jalna, maybe :)

Thanks Kirk :)

Take care everyone.

Lizzy said...

Oh, I like the sound of tuna with soy...yum! Good news on your didn't do much for mine...even when I was eating very little fat. Fish and fish oil help a lot with the HDL...mine is quite high...even my hubby (a cardiologist) is impressed :)

K and S said...

I take fish oil too Lizzy, I think it does help with my HDL :)

Take care.

K said...

Congrats on getting your cholesterol down and good luck!

Japan Australia said...

This looks really good and would be amazing over some rice :)

Japan Australia

K and S said...

Thanks K, will definitely work harder :)

Thanks J-A, it is perfect on rice.

Take care you two.

Rowena... said...

Great news on your physical...I can't imagine what my cholesterol count is like what with all the butter-laden cookies I've been eating!

K and S said...

I think the trick is eating oatmeal a couple times a week, Rowena.

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

So good the numbers are moving in the right direction. ;-) The tuna and rice looks tasty.

K and S said...

I still need to try harder Deb;)

Take care.