Monday, July 08, 2013

seat belts

I think it was the end of May that the new "seat belt" law went into effect here in Hawaii.

Everyone in the car has to buckle up, even the guys in the back seat.

If someone in the car is caught without their seat belt on, the driver is responsible and will be fined $92...

Now, if the other people in my car were children I could understand being fined as the driver, but if other adults choose not to wear their seat belts, well, that's their kuleana (choice) and I think they should be responsible to pay their own fines.

So what about pets? I think they should be belted in too.

In Hawaii, a lot of people ride in the back of pick-up trucks, are they belted up too? I doubt it.

And what about the people riding on the city bus?! I don't think anyone except the driver has a seat belt.

In Japan, whenever we ride the airport bus we are asked to "buckle-up" (because it goes onto the freeway). But city buses in Japan do not require you to (because they do not go onto the freeway).

Kinda wishy-washy don't you think?

What kind of seat belt laws do you have where you live?


Rowena said...

I wonder what got the state to put this one on the books. Do statistics show a growing number of backseat passengers being hurt in car accidents? And why 92 bucks? May as well make it a hundred!

K and S said...

dunno Rowena, I would've rounded up to a hundred as well, kinda weird like the postage stamp rates too, I think everytime they increase it a penny or something...

Take care.

Doraemon said...

You as a driver are responsible for your passengers. I do not drive if my passengers are not buckled up. I do agree with the law, and I am surprised it took that long. Anyway, I do not understand why it is so difficult to buckle up? It is for one's protection, not because someone decided to punish people. 50% of passenger vehicle occupants killed in traffic crashes were not wearing seat belts.

Sarah said...

it seems so weird to me that you didn't already have that in place. I didn't know that other countries didn't require seat belts!
In Australia it's the law to wear one when in a car at all times for any passenger. Some buses have seat-belts too, but they are not enforced.
We're so used to it here that you don't start the car until your seat-belt is on and so are your passengers'

KirkK said...

HI Kat - I believe that it's illegal to ride in the rear bed of a pick-up truck in Hawaii. As for laws here in California, you have to be lawyer to understand them totally!

K and S said...

I think it is good that you don't drive until everyone is buckled up Sandy, I guess it is something we'll all need to get used to.

I guess buses need to start re-enforcing those rules too, Sarah.

sounds about right Kirk :)

Take care everyone.