Saturday, July 06, 2013


First time eating at the Pearl City location of Zippy's.

They have a huge restaurant area, but really teeny parking. (We usually prefer going to the Waiau location which is just down the road).

Aunty and I had the teriyaki primeburger. This was good and there was just the right amount of "teri". (Doesn't my picture look like a smiley face?!)

I also liked their fries which were quite crispy.

Grandma had their wun tun min...the small was actually quite large and the noodles were stuck together in the clump that they went into the boiling water...eep!

Mom had their small portion homemade corned beef, 1 egg over easy and hash browns...she thought that the homemade corned beef was a bit too salty.

Not sure if we'll be back to this particular location, but I'm sure we'll be back to other locations.

Thanks for lunch Aunty!


KirkK said...

Hate when the noodles are all clumped together....low quality control. Haven't had a teri-burger from Zippy's in what seems like a zillion years!

K and S said...

clumped noodles are low QC indeed Kirk, I hope you get to re-connect with Zippy's teri-burger on your next trip home.

Take care.