Saturday, July 20, 2013

when life throws more curve balls...

Last year I told you about what was going on IRL (in real life).

And if I thought that it couldn't get any more "exciting" or "dramatic", I was wrong.

Last Christmas, my Dad broke his arm. I think he was trying to get out of the car and the winds were kinda strong and "whoosh", knocked him over.

They had to rush him to emergency and since it was his dominant arm ended up helping him do "everything".

I think this took a toll on my Mom too. She was supposed to be concentrating on her health, but was taking care of my Dad during the daytime.

She was off her chemo during this period, but I think all the stress of taking care of my Dad may have triggered the cancer again.

They finally asked for help in the home and "L" has been a real gem, taking care of some housework as well as taking my Dad to his appointments.

Fast forward to about a week or two ago, my mom began having some bloating, she had to go to the ER twice and was finally admitted.

They removed an enormous amount of liquid that had accumulated in her abdomen, which was said to be coming from the tumors.

I am torn because my "summer vacation" is rapidly coming to a close, and while I want to be here for my parents, I also have responsibilities to Satoshi too.

I am grateful that Satoshi has always been understanding about this whole situation. I am also thankful that my Mom has had great support from her sibilings as well as great medical care. (Thank you!)

8 weeks really flew by.

When "L" was off, I kept busy by doing lots of the housework.

I also drove my parents to their appointments as well as ran errands for them.

And helped keep my Dad on schedule with his daily routine.

I did have fun as well, I met up with some friends, old and new (Sorry I couldn't meet up with more!)

Ate at some new places and re-connected with some old places

Bonded with (read "terrorized") my "niece" by trying to take photos of her and with her.

And when time permitted, I read. (I can't believe I finished that second book!)

I'm heading back to Japan today. I hope my mom will be able to come home soon.

I'll talk to you again from the other side of the world.

Be well everyone.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your families health problems but you seem to be handling it all with grace and humor. Safe travels back to Japan.

genkitummy said...

Your parents are so lucky to have such a wonderful and caring daughter! Take care of yourself too Kat!

rssa said...

頑張れ!It must be tough ><. Please keep yourself healthy as well. <3

jalna said...

Wow Kat. That's tough. Hope you have a safe trip home.

K said...

So sorry to hear about the health issues in your family, stay strong and best of luck to your family! Have a safe trip!

Rowena said...

Sending you good vibes and lots and lots of hugs. Have a safe trip home :-)

R Y said...

I'm sorry about everything going on! It's a struggle making that choice, but neither one will ever be the "wrong" choice. I'm glad your brother is there for your parents--that will help relieve some of your anxiety over not being there.

I hope everyone's health (including Satoshi's! and yours!) improves. Take care of you and yours!

KirkK said...

Oh my, I hope everything works out well. I'm sure you're torn and there must be some guilt for leaving as well. I'll echo the above're such a wonderful daughter. Wishing you safe travels home.

Lindsay-Jean said...

I'm sorry this has been a challenging stretch for you Kat. Thinking of you and wishing you safe travels home.

Unknown said...

I hope all these situations turn out okay. Best wishes!

K and S said...

Thank you JhgreenG, Genki, Rssa, Jalna, K, Rowena, RY, Kirk, LJ & Rick. Keep the positive energy coming :)

Take care.

Rinshin said...

It's very hard watching our parents struggle with their health. It's great they have good network of family members nearby. All you can do is be there for them and give them lots of love and care.

K and S said...

Thanks Rinshin!

Take care.