Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3-day weekend

Saturday, Satoshi and I went to Aramaki Rose Park to have breakfast.

Our breakfast bento consisted of tamagoyaki (rolled omlette), japanese cole slaw, ninjin shirishiri, asparagus with orange miso sesame dressing & rice with edamame and pickled ginger. We also had yogurt with dried cherries and fig jam, basler lackerli, a swiss cookie that is similar to gingerbread, and also some Rusty's Hawaiian 100% Ka'u coffee.

It was my first time trying this coffee from the Big Island, it was quite pricey. $36 for 8 ounces. I prefer french roast (dark roast) but they were only selling medium roast at the DFS in the airport.

It has quite a bit of acid and there were hints of caramel and nuts. I'm glad I tried this, maybe next time I'll be able to try their dark roast.

Not wanting to go straight home, we headed to Minoo for lunch.

I had the yellow tomato margherita pizza at Per Caffe Bianco.

It also came with a salmon salad and of course I had their cappuccino too.

Satoshi had their pumpkin soup, a tomato pasta topped with lots of leeks and fish and to end, some coffee.

Sunday, Satoshi had his German language class, so we headed to Umeda.

I did some shopping while I waited for him. And after a light lunch at Dashi-chazuka-ya (I had their maguro chazuke, Satoshi had their scallop and shrimp chazuke, both came with some araimo (dasheen) and tofu), we went to check out the big Rubber Duck.

The place where it was docked had changed since the last time we saw it, but after asking around, we finally found it.

There was even this mirror ball car...

Monday, we went to see this film, "Les Saveurs du Palais", about a woman who is asked to cook for the President of France.

I thought it was a good film but would've wanted to see more close-ups of food.

All in all a great weekend filled with food and good weather. We have a typhoon approaching in the next day or so, stay safe everyone!


K said...

What a delicious day! I love the big rubber duck, too cute!

Nathalie said...

Please take care both!

KirkK said...

Oooh it's a Rubber Ducky sighting! Nice bento Kat.

K and S said...

Thanks K!

you too Nathalie!

Thanks Kirk :)

Take care everyone.

mariko said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!

Rowena said...

What a busy busy day and I've got a question regarding Satoshi's tomato pasta dish. Was it pasta with fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce? And were the leeks fresh or cooked? The sound of it along with the fish got to my visuals (but you no mo' pikcha!), and I'd like to make it since I just harvested the leeks.

And about that movie, I watched it online and kept rewinding to the food scenes. Wanna try making the gateau saint-honoré with crème de Mémée!

K and S said...

Thanks Mariko, the weather was nice too :)

Rowena, sorry, I neva take one picha for you...I think the fish they used was cod, and it was fresh leeks sauteed with fresh tomato sauce...can't wait to see the saint honore :)

Take care you two.