Friday, February 21, 2014

curry fridays

Did you know that the Japanese navy eats curry on Fridays?

I can't remember where I heard about this but it was so that they knew what day of the week it was.

Being at sea so long, the days kind of "blend", so to know when the end of the week was, they were served curry on Fridays.

Satoshi picked up these two curries when he went to Hiroshima for business recently.

I checked back on my archives and we had tried this one before.

I liked this one because it had lots of goodies in it.

It was a mixture of nikujaga & curry, so it had beef, potatoes, carrots and konnyaku (devil's tongue jelly).

If you're interested, you can look back at our adventure to Kure here, here, and here.

Have a nice weekend!


Rowena said...

Never would have thought how ship or submarine personnel could be so affected living out at sea, but what a great way to "mark" the end of the week.

K said...

What an interesting reason that they have curry every week- makes sense!

K and S said...

I think we'll be eating curry on fridays Rowena :)

fun yeah, K :)

Take care you two.