Sunday, August 10, 2014

eVIP club

IMG_7578 I'm always on the lookout for free wi-fi spots in Hawaii.

Before coming back to Hawaii this summer, I had read something somewhere that Ala Moana Shopping Center would be offering free Wi-Fi to anyone who joined their eVIP club.

So, I signed up.

Can I just say that the two times I've been to Ala Moana, I have not been able to get any free Wi-Fi.

I think they don't have the Wi-Fi set up, either that or the range is very very limited.

Anyway, I did receive an email from them in conjunction with T & C Surf...just show T & C the email and receive a free hat...whoo!

Next time I go to Ala Moana, I hope I can log on...

p.s. Whew! we were lucky with "Iselle", we had lots of wind and rain. The people on the Big Island and Maui weren't so lucky, many of them lost power, and had damage from fallen trees and such.

Still, I'm thankful that no one was injured or worse.

Now we have to wait and see as to what "Julio" will do...stay safe everyone!


KirkK said...

I'm glad all is well Kat!

Paz said...

The lack of free Wi-fi sucks! Can you complain to them? Is it worth it? I'm glad you are safe and will be sending you good thoughts, especially during Julio's arrival. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I would imagine you could get WiFi outside the Apple store.

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

Thanks Paz :)

will try Alan :)

Take care everyone!

Rowena said...

How weird that you can sign up but there's no wifi. Maybe third time's a charm?

K said...

I'm glad you are ok!

K and S said...

I'll try again Rowena :)

It could've been worse K!

Take care you two!