Sunday, August 03, 2014

marketplace cafe

IMG_7628 It had been about 4 years since I've seen my friend, Mineko.

We've both seen "rough days" over the years, so I was happy that she had some time to meet up.

Lunch was at Marketplace Cafe inside of Nordstrom. I remember eating here when it first opened but hadn't been back since.

The ordering system was kinda unorganized.

And with all the chaos, it was really noisy in there too.

Anyway, she had the ni├žoise salad and I ordered the cilantro lime chicken salad.

They were both huge!

I really enjoyed this salad with lots of cilantro and pumpkin seeds in it.

Even though it was really noisy in there, it was nice catching up with her.

After lunch, we had some sweets and coffee, which I'll tell you more about in my next post.

Thanks for lunch Mineko!

Marketplace Cafe
inside Nordstrom
Ala Moana Shopping Center
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.953.6110, ext. 1610
Monday-Saturday 9:30-20:00
Sunday 11:00-18:00


Dennis K. said...

I always love the meals I have while reconnecting with old friends. :)

KirkK said...

Very nice Kat!

K said...

The salad looks great!

K and S said...

those are definitely the best Dennis!

Thanks Kirk!

it was K :)

Take care everyone!

Rowena said...

So nice that you both could catch up on things. And what better place than a shopping center (I dunno if I could manage to keep the plastic from melting... :-P)

K and S said...

I hear you on plastic melting Rowena :0

Take care!