Friday, August 08, 2014

three for three

IMG_7621 Rowena commented the other day that, "Geez, with this place being in your 'hood, why cook? We would be in heaven if we had an eatery like this just down the street"...

BFF, Wen and I have since been back to La Tour Cafe, two more times...

The second time, we both had flatbread pizzas...I had the Italian (Salami, Sopressata, Mortadella & Proschiutto with olives and Arugula).

She had the Pepperoni.

Oh the crust is crispy! So good...better than flatbread.

With just enough toppings to keep the pizzas from being too greasy.

IMG_7656 Then on the third time, I went with their Melted Reuben(Premium pastrami, corned beef, sauerkraut, relish and Dijon on a marbled rye...not sure what kind of cheese they used)

If it weren't for the gristle running through a couple pieces this sandwich would've been perfect, but overall it was good.

Wen had their bacon jalapeno cheddar burger (minus the jalapeno). You should know that whenever Wen eats burgers she will order them "well done".

And when she orders them "well done" there should not be any pink...none.

So, this was their "test", could they do it?...and it was perfectly cooked, just how she wanted it.

We're three for three and looking forward to trying more things on their menu...whoo!

p.s. we have two hurricanes approaching, I have some posts lined up, hope it won't be too krazy over the next couple of days!


Rowena said...

The food that you're both enjoying at this place is amazing. Glad you went back. Didn't know about the hurricanes! Better call my dad...

KirkK said...

I hope you keep safe and dry Kat.

K said...

Looks great! And stay safe!

K and S said...

hope he was okay Rowena!

thanks Kirk :)

Thanks K!

Take care everyone.