Tuesday, May 12, 2015

cafe rakuta

Over the winter season, I had passed this place, the door was closed, but the "open" sign was out front.

Since the place doesn't have any windows, I thought it was sort of sketchy and wanted to bring Satoshi with me to check it out.

Then I checked out Tabelog (Japan's Yelp-like site) and realized it was a place that I had tagged to try.

From the time I bookmarked the place, they had changed their name from Rakuda Curry to Cafe Rakuta and they moved closer to our area.

On the last day of GW, we had tried to check them out, but there was a massive line.

So, on Thursday, when everyone went back to work and school, I went to check them out.

Since their FB page said they were serving taco rice, and I love the stuff, I ordered that...700 yen (tax included).

Most times when I eat taco rice I use a spoon.

Their veggies are sliced which made things a bit difficult.

The meat and salsa are housemade and both have a slow burn.

I want to go back and try their super spicy Keema...next time I'll try to bring Satoshi too.

Cafe Rakuta
3-2-12 Iguchido
Ikeda, Osaka
Phone: 080.3833.1340
check out their FB page for hours, sometimes they change last minute.


KirkK said...

Sounds liek a decent place Kat.

K said...

I love taco rice too, looks good!

K and S said...

I hope they will continue to do well, Kirk :)

join the club K :)

Take care you two.