Saturday, May 16, 2015


A news program recently featured Koganeya's Naniwara. A natto that is made in Osaka and sold in the traditional way, wrapped in straw.

The name is a combination of "naniwa" the name for Osaka and "wara" which is straw.

It is a little higher priced than the natto packed in styrofoam, but the daizu (soy bean) flavor is a little stronger and it is definitely stinky.

It doesn't come with the Japanese mustard or soy sauce.

The package says to sprinkle some salt on and eat it, which we did, but Satoshi added a little shoyu to his.

I'm glad we tried this.


jalna said...


K and S said...

lol Jalna :)

Take care.

K said...

I love the traditional wrapping!

KirkK said...

Man....that sounds really good.

K and S said...

am wondering if the wrapping can be recycled somehow, K!

you should try, next time you are in Osaka, Kirk :)

Take care you two!