Sunday, May 10, 2015


It takes about an hour by bus from Ine back to Amanohashidate (because you need to go around the sandbar).

Since we couldn't check into the minshuku we would stay at until 15:00, we decided to have a snack at Amanohashidate before moving onto Miyazu for lunch and exploring.

We popped into Yoshinochaya, one of four tea shops near Chionji temple.

Each tea shop serves chiemochi, soft mochi that is covered with sweet bean paste.

I ordered the chiemochi (sakura version) with matcha.

Loved this! salty from the salted sakura leaves and blossoms and sweet from the bean paste. Bitter matcha to cut everything.

Satoshi ordered the original chiemochi. His order came with cold hoji tea (roasted green tea).

We then took the train one station over to Miyazu.

Talk about ghost town. There were no people, no cars, no movement...

We found a map of the city and then made our way to seek out lunch.

Nothing on the map seemed open, so we ended up at a tiny shopping mall called Mipple.

Their "restaurant floor" on the 5th floor was packed, lines everywhere (so this is where everyone was?!).

I noticed a "food court" on the 2nd floor so we went to check it out.

Talk about understaffing...everyone was waiting for their food. Dirty dishes piled so high we were afraid it would fall.

After waiting a good 15 minutes (or more), Satoshi and I ended up eating some meh curry from here.

We then headed back towards the train station where the minshuku would pick us up. Since we noticed a coffee shop (that was open), we popped in for some coffee.

Boy, was this place fancy!

The coffee was good and we realized that most of the locals hang out here.

The minshuku we stayed at, Nagahama-so, is located about 10 minutes by car from the Miyazu station.

From our room you could see Amanohashidate from one end to the other.

Dinner wasn't as elaborate as the night before, but still way too much food!

It was another long day, but at least the weather cleared up.

It's too bad that this minshuku's walls were so thin...Satoshi and the chain smoking man next door had a snoring contest. I tried to sleep listening to music but could still hear the man...guess he won, yeah?!

Not to mention the hallways were always filled with his cigarette least we would be making our way back to Osaka tomorrow...

468-1 Monju
Miyazu, Kyoto
Phone: 0772.22.6860
Hours: 9:00-17:30
Closed Thursdays

2066-56 Aza Tsuruga
Miyazu, Kyoto
Phone: 0772.25.0850
Mondays 7:00-19:00, Tuesday-Sunday 7:00-22:00

376-1 Shishizaki
Miyazu, Kyoto
Phone: 0772.22.4840


KirkK said...

Looks like a nice little snack (not the dinner, of course...that's massive) Kat!

Rowena said...

thin walls and cigarette smoke (I guess that will never change anywhere in Asia) - yuck!

K and S said...

massive Kirk!

yeah will be something if Japan goes non-smoking.

Take care you two!

K said...

Sorry about the smoker, ugh! The food and drink look great though!

K and S said...

The food and drinks were great K!

Take care:)