Tuesday, December 08, 2015


I've written about anpo-gaki here.

We recently tried some from Tottori prefecture that are called Saijo Persimmon.

The seeds really look like kaki no tane (rice crackers).

Even though these were the first ones that had seeds in them, the persimmon itself didn't disappoint.

Sweet and gel-like.

We're back to "warmer" weather this week. Hope your week is going well.


jalna said...

Gel-like? So strange to me. Hope I remember to look for um next time I'm there.

K and S said...

only during autumn, Jalna, hope you get to try this:)

Take care!

Rowena said...

we've been eating kaki left and right, in all types: the ones with a soft apple texture, the gel texture ones, and the short squat types that they simply call asian kaki -- not one seed yet! oh, and we did get one from our tree this year. was good!

KirkK said...

The Missus really enjoys her persimmons Kat, but for some reason we never tried any during our trip.

K and S said...

so lucky no seeds Rowena, and one for your tree too :)

bummer Kirk, would've been interesting what the Missus thought of them.

Take care you two.