Wednesday, December 16, 2015

cafe minatuki

Monday, I got together with Hiromi for lunch and some tea.

Lunch was at Natural Kitchen Saison and was delicious. This time around I chose their meat dish and it was a super tender beef simmered in red wine.

It was a nice lunch as we were the only ones in the restaurant for the most part.

After lunch we headed to Cafe Minatuki for tea.

I had their chai which is slightly sweetened.

It was our first times at this cafe, we enjoyed the laid back feel to this place and we are looking forward to trying their lunch.

A great day of walking and talking. (Thanks Hiromi!)

Cafe Minatuki
inside Ikeda Shopping Arcade
Phone: 072.737.5827
Closed Wednesdays
Hours: Weekdays 10:00-19:00, Weekends & Holidays 8:00-18:00


Rowena said...

I like how they cut the veggies for your dish.

KirkK said...

Sort of like a Beef bourguignon Kat? Looks and sounds great!

K said...

Looks like a great day!

K and S said...

I love that they got hold of these colorful carrots, Rowena :)

kind of like tender pot roast, Kirk :)

it really was, K!

Take care everyone!