Monday, May 09, 2016

city bakery brasserie rubin

city bakery rubin Saturday, after Satoshi's class, we had lunch at City Bakery Brasserie Rubin.

He had their bincho maguro(albacore tuna), which he said was cooked perfectly.

city bakery rubin I ordered the Texas style pork chop.

The BBQ sauce that they served this with wasn't "Texan", it was more Asian. But, I loved that it was an onion sauce, kind of like an onion jam.

The blistered potatoes were good too with a nice crust on them.

Satoshi also loved their bread basket (foccacia, baguette, and other assorted stuff)..."free bread", nice concept...

We'll be back.


KirkK said...

Yay for free bread Kat! Looks like a nice meal.

K and S said...

Kirk...I know, free bread :)

Take care.

K said...

Yay for good free bread!

K and S said...

I agree K!

Take care.